Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy Color Combo with dotted tips

For a long time I've wanted to try out the 'Brown' color from the H&M Spring Nails set.. But because it's such an odd color (which I really do like!) I hadn't had an epiphany on which combo I should try iy with.. But a couple of days ago I decided it was about time to use it..

I decided pairing it with a somewhat girlie color, because I easily feel to girly and knew that I wouldn't do it when paired with the brown one.. I then wanted a lime color too, and ended up with a shimmery one to add mixing finishes

Here they are, together with the tools I ended up using:
H&M Brown, H&M Sizzling Lime, OPI All That Razz-berry, a striping brush and my home made dotting tool
And the look:

It's a bit sloppy, because it was pretty late at night I did this.. And the pics are taken the day after hence the smudging and dents.. But I don't see it - I just see the lovely colors =)


I ended up loving this color combo even though I was a bit sceptic before I began.. So I decided to do some 'themed' post with odd color combos (because I love it haha) and I'll call the theme 'Crazy Color Combo' - which is an alliteration I 'stole' from Linda, which was a suggestion of hers as a Monday Manicure in that FB group thingy..

And, coincidentally, the day after doing this mani when I was taking the pics I realizse that I was wearing an almost just as odd color combo with my clotes..

The pants are actually purple, but of course I couldn't capture it.. So peachy, neon green, purple and off white..

Yup, I have an odd taste in clothes :p But it's colorful - just like my nails =D

Do you enjoy odd colors combos as much as I do? Do you have any suggestions for combos that you are certain won't fit together? Challenge me! =D


  1. que linda combinacion, el verdesito esta relindo

  2. I'm glad you like the combo too! then I'm not all alone.. haha

  3. I really like this color combination. Especially the brown with the lime green!

  4. I like the colour combo too, both your nails and clothes!
    On the nails it's nice to see how the colours play with eachother

  5. Thanks ladies =) I'm glad I'm not the only one! haha..

    and Maartje: I need to do a mani with the color of my clothes I think! =)


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