Thursday, June 2, 2011

Confirmand nails..

I'm so not done with my exam yet.. There's 18 hours left, before I have to hand it in.. And I still need a lot! But I allowed myself to post this..

This is the only nail art I've managed to do while writing this exam paper.. It was for a nail art contest with the subject "confirmation", the voting began today, so now I can show you guys :) If you wanna see the other entries (or wanna vote for that matter) you can see it HERE..

I'm not going to say much since I'm busy :p

But I really enjoyed using my Gosh Holographic for nail art.. And there's a lot of pics to show the holo off :)

There.. I'll hurry back to my exam paper.. Wish me luck with getting it done before deadline!


  1. ej hvor sjovt, har allerede stemt på den tidligere, syntes klart det var den fedeste... vidste ik' engang det var dig...

  2. So much great detail in this mani! Good luck with your exam!

  3. Wow! This is so cool:D but the flowers are also cute;D Love the colours you used!

  4. Swaafie, this is stunning! I love the flower patterns. :)

  5. Good luck! I love this design!

  6. Great design. I voted for you. Hope you finish your exam in time.

  7. Hvor er de bare fine :)

  8. Christina: Tak for stemmen og de søde ord :)

    KarenD: Aw, thanks :) And I think the good luck wish helped, I think it went okay :)

    Minnie: Thanks :) I like the colors too :) I thought it would be a bit too boring, but it wasn't :)

    Rina: Ooh, you are so kind :) I'm glad you like it!

    Gottwinkies: Thanks a lot :)

    Cathy: Thanks for the vote :) I did finish my exam in time! But I could have used more, but what the heck.. I just wanna pass :)

    RijaH: Taak :)

  9. Held og lykke i konkurrencen :D Og med eksamen :D


  10. This looks great! you definitely have my vote!!!!

  11. Sussu: Mange tak til begge :)

    Fey: Aaw, thanks a lot :)

    Claire: Thaaanks :)


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