Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tutorial (my very very first!): Gradient - without the glitter and the goats...

When I posted this manicure Shel from If It Shines Its Mines!! asked if I could do a tutorial for the gradient..

I've never done that before and don't know if I'll be able to do it properly, but I thought I'd just aswell try it.. So here it is :)

First I opened up all the polishes, so they where ready to use..

Then I painted a coat of H&M Pink Mist, just to have some kind of base, albeit a sheer one.. But that doesnt matter :)

I even managed to get weird stuff in my base color, and I didn't apply it evenly! haha.. But it's going to be covered up anyway..

Then I painted appprox half of my nail with GOSH Sweet Peach - just as I normally would in the beginning of applying polish to the whole nail..

This pic is to show approx what a small amount of polish I have on the brush for the rest of steps.. I think it's the easiest way to make a smooth gradient..

I then 'sponged' some yellow on.. using the brush from the polish..

Aand some orange on the other side..

Plus some green in the farthest corner away from the orange.. And a bit more orange in half of the area where I sploshed in some orange before that - so that the orange is more stronger there and creates a more gradient look..

Then I put it some more of the Sweet Peach, trying to do a more smooth transfer.. I added a bit more green in half of the green already there, as with the orange in the step before..

Maybe you'll need to go over some of the shift in coler, to make it more smooth, or else you'll just add topcoat and it's there :)

Did it even make any sense? I have a hard time explaining myself.. But I hope you could use it just a little bit.. If not, that's fine :D haha

My nails are naked now, and has been the last couple of days :/ But my mussel mani did last until friday and I made it monday! I think that's a record! haha

Oh, and today has been the first day on a normal diet! It's soo much easier! :)


  1. Nice mani! I really like that orange color!

  2. awesome :D so glad you did this have faved it now and will try it soon and let you see

    shel xx

  3. Wow, you did it without the sponge and just by using the brush??? I can't do it! >.<

  4. Must try this method in your tutorial. ;)

  5. Def Addicted: I looove the color too :) and thanks!

    Shel: I'm looking forward to see your version!

    Holiday: Yup! I think it's so annoying to use a sponge :p Haha, you can try ;)

    Rina: I would be happy to see the result if you try :)


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