Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying to avoid procrastinating...

Emily posted a mani today which had the most brilliant function: Be a PITA to remove, to avoid her being tempted to redo her nails, while she's studying for the exam.. Isn't that just brilliant?

So because I had a 12-day exam starting today (5 hours ago, haven't begun yet :p) I thought I would need such a mani.. Plus I recieved two polish-packages today, so I decided to try out a few, to get that itch away.. haha

I was already wearing Essence Cut off the Beige and H&M Ocean Sand.

For my glitter (so that I won't be tempted to remove it) I used Color Club Sultry (an untried) CG FYI (ooh yeah, got it from a blogsale :)) and a new awesome crackle Kristina send me (just like that, not even in a swap - isn't that soo sweet?)

These pics doesn't do any of the polishes justice.. I just snapped some quick pics.. and it isn't supposed to be pretty or anything, just to keep me away from playing around with my new polishes or any polishes at all.. Just at least for the next 12 hours or so.. haha

So now I have polish and blogging out of my mind and I should be ready to concentrate on my exam! :p hopefully.. haha

And now that I have your attention then don't forget to get inspired and enter my nail art contest! I'm hoping to have enough entries so that I can give away 2 or 3 prizes!


  1. Hehe that's pretty smart! I just had to shorten my nails while reading today (writing 2 essays) I painted them. I go for multi-tasking when doing exams/essays. :D

  2. Haha yeah, it just didn't work :p Well multi-tasking is great! When I'm beginning to write instead of just staring at my computer trying to write, I'll do the same :)


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