Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soo many polishes, so few nails!

... especially because I just received another swap-package! This one is from Holiday over at Silence is Loud.. yay!

Look that the beauties:
A love and beauty polish (there's no name on it), La Colors (no name eiother, Icing Golden Touch (My first Icing polish :D) China Glaze Drenched in Diamonds, OPI Houston We Have A Purple and Big Hair... Big Nails aand La Colors Star Light

A closer look at them:

Not at all color accurate :P

And a comparison photo of LA Colors Star Light adn Wet'n'Wild Kaleidoscope that I used for the mani I showed you yesterday..
Pretty similar, huh? I don't have to worry about running out then! :)

Thanks for a lovely swap, Holiday :)

I really have a lot of polishes I haven't tried yet.. I seriously need some more nail wheels! I haven't had any for a loong time.. Makes it kinda tought to keep up with the collection..

And I need to rearrange my dresser [POST] to fit all of my polishes in now.. I actually laughed when I saw the pic of my polish drawer.. I didn't realise my stash had grown that much.. It must be at least doubled.. And I'm pretty sure I haven't tried even half of the new polishes I have..

That calls for a cleaning out! If I have polishes that I haven't used or maybe just a tiny bit and I know I won't be going to use it, I'll put it in the pile with the polishes I've bought as a prize/prizes in an upcoming nail art contest! uuuuuhhh! hah..


  1. Awesome swap! That black with golden sparkles sure is going to look great :D

  2. I'm def looking forward to try that one.. And layering it! haha

  3. the love and beauty usually have the name above the bar code though they have the LAMEST names. So it is prolly just called silver:)

  4. Paintedbluestars: I can't even find a barcode on it :p hah.. But that's okay I rarely use the names for anything..

    Shel: Thanks, I love it!

  5. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!


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