Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This mani reminds me of sketchings, hence the title..

This is how it looked before putting in colors:

I wasn't really satisfied with it when I was done, but I added anotler layer of glitter and instantly loved it :)

You almost have to enlarge one of these pics to see the glitter :)

In the sun the day after.. You can see the glitter more!

In the sun + a bit blurred: weeee!

And them polishes:

I'm digging those half-naked looks lately! It's a long time ago I've actually applied an opaque polish on my nails.. I've been 'sponging' without a sponge a lot lately..

Do you guys like it? And do you think it looks like sketchings too? Can you do the same trick with adding glitter to a mani you're not satisfied with and then suddenly love it?


  1. i love this very abstract and the glitter adds a good touch

    shel xx

  2. Swaafie, I LOVE this!!! The base color is perfect! This looks like a fun nail art. :)

  3. Tak mor!!

    Shel: Thanks a lot, for me the glitter mekes this mani :)

    Def Addicted: Thaanks! :)

    Rina: aaaw! The base is my favourite nude-ish! It was def fun doing :)

  4. Jättefina! Hittade till din blog genom lyckträff, många roliga naglar här! Färgglatt!

  5. Mange tak :) Farver er dejlige :) hehe

  6. hah, that's an honorable comparison! Thaanks :)

  7. Lovely, very artistic!


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