Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, random post here.. I haven't done any new nail art, because I've been busy busy..

So first up a lovely swap :) (again - now I have even more untried polishes and nowhere near enough nails to paint on!!)

This swap was with Casey (She has no blog, hence no link.. just if you were wondering)

Sinful Colors Lets Meet, Orly Green With Envy, Color Club Sultry, China Glaze Japanese Koi (Neon), Milani Gems, Orly Royal Navy, Sinful Colors Mint Aplle, BB Couture Dragon's Breath and Napa Read Valley and Colorama Coral Reef

Aren't these amazing? (although the pics isn't color acurate) PLUS it's my very first bottles of Orly, Sinful Colors, BB Couture, Colorama and Color Club!! Insane!

I was wearing a 'skittle' of yellows and thought it was fun that I actually matched with my yellow shorts :P So I took a pic.. haha

After that I began playing with some of the different colors in my swap.. Yay! Took it of and decided to choose one of the colors to do a full mani with.. Orly Green With Envy won..

I wanted to take some pics of it to show you how awesome it is, but I couldn't capture it's color at all :( Here's a very poor try:

It's so much more green IRL! I love it.. Maybe some day I can capture the true color of it..

Besides that I got another package yesterday! I'd found a great deal on nail art brushes on a danish site (Trendsales hvis der er nogle danskere der er interesserede!) and thought I'd give it a go.. The brushes I have now are pretty ruined by all the chemicals..

15 brushes! I have no idea what to use all of them for.. But I'll probably find out :p

Allright, I'm off again.. Ihave to help a friend move.. And then I should write a paper.. But I'll see.. Hopefully I'll get time to try out my new brushes and some of my new polishes :)

Have a great weekend all of you!


  1. YAY For Gems! I love that color so much!

  2. Er vild med de gule farver! Har ikke så mange slags gule selv, men er på udkig!

  3. Jeg er sikker på, at Orlys Royal Navy kommer med i min næste bestilling fra eBay. Den er SÅ smuk :)

  4. I love the shape of the Sinful Colors bottles! Lovely colours.
    I have tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award x

  5. Paintedblue stars: Yup, Gems is awesome! I'm happy I could get it :)

    Mette: Åh, jeg kan ikke få nok gule! haha.. Held og lykke!

    Maria: Royal Navy er SÅ fantastisk! Man kan ikke se det på det her billede, men den har et fantastisk shimmer

    The Nail Buff: Yeah, they are cute, not really like any else :) Ooh, thanks a lot :) I'll get on with that.. soon..! hah


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