Saturday, May 21, 2011

"....og det er Muuumiiiiiiii..." = Moomin nails

My brother and his girlfriend has this obsession with Moomin (mumitroldene!).. I remember we saw it a lot when we were kids, but can't remember much.. They have now accumulated all the Moomin dvds, seen them and then we planned that we should do a Moomie Marathon one day, so I could see them too.. And that day is today!

So even though the weather is nice we are staying inside wathcing Moomin/mumitroldene! Yay.. haha.. kind of fun to watch again..

Anyway.. yesterday I decided to do Moomin nails to match! I'm not quite satisfied about how they turned out, because I used another method than I use to when doing such kind of nail art..
And the pics aren't that great because I took them last night..

Thumb-pinky (I only know the names in Danish): Mumrik, Mumi, Sniff, Snorkfrøkenen and Lille My (and not as in 'my' in english)

Mumrik is my fave!

Here's the dvd I used for inspiration

And the nails again..

All the dvds we are planning on seeing today - I wonder if we make it! haha

And my nails 'in action' with Mumi and Mumrik:

I have to do more Moomin nails.. I need to do Hattifnatterne.. And the Moomin house.. and the pink clouds.. and so on.. hehe

Do you know Moomin? Have you seen it when you were a kid? Do you know what the characters are called in English?


  1. Ja det måtte jo komme, jeg syntes de er rigtig gode, men hvad siger de 2 eksperter du bor sammen med?

  2. hehe.. Jeg tror de synes de er fine :)

  3. Rigtig flotte negle! Jeg ved kun hvad de hedder på finsk. Vidste faktisk ikke engang hvad de hed på dansk. ;)

  4. I have never heard of Moomin, but your nails look awesome!

  5. Sikke masse detaljer du får med Sofie, fantastisk flot :)

  6. YES!!!! my bf loves it so much!!! Little my(Mumrik) is my all time fav!! now you inspired me to do some moomin nail art.

  7. SM: Vidste heller ikke hvad de hed, før vi gik igang med at se dvderne :p Nice, hvad hedder de på finsk? Kunne være lidt sjovt at vide, når nu det er lavet i Fonland..

    Def Addicted: Haha thanks..

    Far: Tak :)

    Holiday: Yay! haha.. You have to do some moomin nail art, for you bf's sake! And I would love to see your take on it, I'm sure it would be much better than mine :)

  8. Hvor er de godt lavet :D Elsker Mumitroldene :D


    Hi maybe you want to enter my nail art contest?:)

  10. Tak, Cille :) Det gør jeg osse nu, efter at have set et par timer af dem :p hehe.. det skææægt..

    Sabbatha: Hey, great! I might do! Love animal nail art :) MAybe you wanna enter mine too ;)

  11. Hahaha that is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. Used to watch the Moomin movies when I was little..don't remember much though now :(
    Only know a few names of them in Swedish..pretty much the same as in Danish I guess :D

  12. So cute! Love this. Never seen Moomin though.

  13. I love this! Even though I've never heard of the series before. Fantastic job!

  14. Hahaha, I was eager to do it today after seeing your nails yesterday. Mine is really simple, but yours have so much detail on it that i couldn't do.
    I still love yours!

  15. Olivia: aaw, thanks :) I didn't remember much either! I would love to hear what they are called in Swedish! :)

    ABOP: Thanks :) I do think it's mostly in the Nordic countries they have been shown.. It's a finnish show!

    Leslie: Thanks a lot! It's something children use to watch here!

    Holiday: Haha.. fun.. I can't see how mine has more details in it? I love yours! :)

  16. Oh yeah, I'm from Finland and Moomies (MUUMIT) have always been a part of my life! :) Little My is my favourite one, because does she have guts or what!

  17. Saija: Yay! haha.. That girl really have guts! She's so amazing just saying and doing what she wants! haha.. What are the characters called in Finnish? :)

  18. I seriously LOVE this nail art!

    This is the first time I heard about Moomins. The characters look really cute! And you've painted them on your nails so well!

  19. Aaw, thanks Rina! Such kind words :)


    Here are all of them in that album :)

  21. Ok I have to confess I looked up some of the names haha, here they are in Swedish: Snorkfröken, Sniff, Snusmumriken, Mårran, Isfrun, Stinky among others.
    And as a whole they are called Mumintroll ;)

  22. Hovsa, jeg er vist ret elendig til at svare ;-)
    Tommelfinger: Nuuskamuikkunen
    Pegefinger: Muumipeikko
    Langefinger: Nipsu
    Ringfinger: Niiskuneiti
    Lillefinger: Pikku Myy

  23. (Swe,Eng,Fin)


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