Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail polish news: OH MY GOSH and a W.I.C holo

Good sunday all! I hope your sunday has been better than mine! I've had a crazy hangover (woups) and am just about feeling a bit better now! phew.. But I had a fun night last night :)

As I said in my last post I wanted to show you something new from Gosh! A couple of days ago they released some mini sized bottles! They are 5 ml, so they're not that small IMO.. And they retail for 30 kr /$5.69 / EUR 4.02.. That's an allright price here in Denmark..

(Til jer danskere - jeg har indtil videre set dem i Matas! Ved ikke om de kommer frem andre steder, hvor de har Gosh.. Jeg ved min Føtex i hvert fald ikke har dem endnu)

Here's a pic I snapped in the store.. The camera in my new phone is actually quite good, but I felt really sneaky when I took pics, so I just did it quickly..

I've only bought one of them - the green one I used yesterday.. Lovely formula and all.. :)

And in the same store I found a holo! Looked quite cool with a lot of linear holo effect.. It doesn't show up that much in the pic..

It's Herome's W.I.C line.. It's 75 kr / $14.24 / EUR10.06,, Pretty expensive IMO opinion but still a lot cheaper than Essie and OPI.. I almost bought it, but I remembered I am expecting a similar looking holo from a blogsale..

I guess it's called Kingston 73.. or without the 73 I don't know..

Allright, that was nail polish news alla Swååfie-style, that is not very 'pro' with bad pics and no real info! yay for that.. haha

Have any of you tried the W.I.C polishes? I'm quite tempted to give them a go, even though they are way out of my price range..


  1. I love Gosh!!! You are so lucky to be able to get them first hand! I have always wanted their silver holo but it hasn't got to Canada! I currently own 2 bottles of Gosh which are among my all time favourite polishes!

  2. i Hope You Dont Mind. But I've Passed Along The Kreativ Blog Award. !! :D

  3. Fey: Yeah I love Gosh.. IMO it's the best brand I can get here that's somewhat affordable.. The brands in the same price range have very boring colors.. SO I'm glad I have Gosh.. haha..
    If you are interested in Gosh Holo, you can participate in my contest ;) There's, among others, a Gosh holo polish as a prize!

    McDiaz714: Thanks a lot :)


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