Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired! /Now with EDIT\

/I've got some questions about what is allowed so I've added a bit to the rules! It's the stuff written in this color\

Yay, so I wanna host a nail art contest!
Kind of because I'm a bit against giveaways (probaby just because I've never won one :p) and because I thought it could be fun seeing you guys doing some nail art

I'm going to try to explain how I intend this contest to be as good as I can.. If it doesn't make any sense, let me know and I'll try to make sense of it :p

The theme is going to be: Inspiration..
I want you to get inspired by something.. Anything..
Need inspiration to get inspired? Remeber my Hornsleth Nails, Mani of The Rings, Scrub by Flowers or most recently - My Mussel Mani..? That's what I'm talking about :)

In a contest there needs to be rules..
  • I will need a picture of what you got inspired by.. Either together with your nail art or in a seperate picture.. Entries without a pic of the inspiration will be disqualified, sorry!
  • You have to use nail polish somehow. Maybe this sounds like a weird rule, but that just means that you can use whatever you want to do your nail art.. Acrylic paint, rhinestones, feathers, stamping, whatever.. As long as there is nail polish too..
  • The nail art have to be done on your nails! (if you're wearing acrylics or such that's included as your nail :p) Not on fx a nail wheel.. :)
  • 1 entry per person :)

And now you're probably wondering how the winner is chosen..
I'll have some judges to give point to each nail art in different categories.. IF there's more than, lets say 6 entries, there's going to be a vote here on the blog to find the top 3-4-5 (depending on how many entries).

The categories the judges are using to grade the entries are:
  • How the inspiration is translated onto the nail/incorporated in the nail design
  • Creativity incl. method, materials and inspiration
  • The overall aesthetics/look

I'll present the judged to you when the contest is closed :)

Now you're probably dying to know what you can win..
It's going to be a mix of new stuff, polishes I've swatched but haven't been using and frankens I don't use.. I'll probably buy some more along the way.. And depending on how many entries I get, It'll be divided into more prizes, but of course with more polishes :)
So far (!) I've gathered this:

  • Gosh: Rainbow, Holographic, Deep Purple (swatched on one nail)
  • H&M: Juicy Peach, Sizzling Lime, Dazzling Jade, Paradies Pink, Sunset Dreams
  • H&M Hello Kitty: Pink Candy (swatched on one nail)
  • Essence TE Your Rock!: Let me in Pink (swatched on one nail), Love, Peace and Purple, Speed of Light Blue
  • BK: nr:25 (swatched on one nail)
  • La Femme: Lime Cream
  • No-name Purple (swatched on one nail)

So what you have to do is this:
  • Get inspired! Do the nail art and send me the pics (sofieki at gmail dot com). REMEMBER you have to include a pic of your inspiration!
  • Write a couple of words (or sentences) about why this inspired you, your thoughts about the translation to the nail or whatever you feel like sharing about your nail art..
  • And of course I need your name.. And your blog adress if you have one :)<

The contest is open until June 4th (as long as it's still that date somewhere in the world)
And it's of course open internationally :)

Does it make sense to you? Are you thinking of joining the contest? Or is it too much work?

Yay, I'm excited! Haha

Disclosure: All polishes are bought by me at some point.. Nothing is sponsored by any company, just my tiny wallet :)


  1. i'll join! :) but is it possible if the inspired thing is more of a super public thing? like japan? :P since there's an event to help japan in my place so i was thinking of a nail art or smth :)

  2. OMG I would compete in this just for the Gosh Holo!

  3. Yayy :) haha.. Well, if that even has some kind of banner/logo/promotion stuff that you can be inspired by, then yes :) And of course if you can take a picture of what inspired you to do that particular nail art! :) It sounds exciting, I'm looking forward to see it :)

  4. Adrianna: Then do it! haha ;)

  5. can it be a konadicure? if it can be a konadicure, i will take part :)

  6. Yes, it can Paulina! The only rules are that there has to be polish included somehow and that you must include a pic of what inspired you :)

  7. Uuuuh..!! Må hellere lægge min hjerne godt og grundigt i blød til det perfekte look!! ;-)

  8. Nu er det måske bare mig der er lidt uklog, men hvis jeg har forstået dig ret, er din mail så sofieki@gmail.com ?
    Må jo være sikker ;-)

  9. Jaah, gør det :) Glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på! heh
    Jo, det er min mail.. Det er bare sådan en 'sikker-agtig' måde at skrive det på så der ikke er nogle bot'er, der samler min mail op og sælger den :)

  10. This sounds interesting! I'm going to look at some inspiration. When I have something I will enjoy your contest! :)

  11. I don't do nail art but the contest sounds like a very good idea and you've planned well.

  12. Sylvia: I'm looking forward to seeing your entry :)

    MK: Well, thanks! A shame you don't do nail art.. :)

  13. OH this sounds fun! hopefully something will inspire me:)

  14. Yay! I definitely want to enter (and I'm so glad you liked all of your swap polishes by the way). I was just wondering if it would be ok to do this on a nail wheel, or if we needed to do them on actual nails. Thanks! Casey

  15. ah what a great idea for a contest! i do this kind of mani from inspiration all the time!! thnks for the opportunity, so glad i found your blog, its great, ayou have some fantastic original ideas! stand by for my entry!

  16. Paintedbluestars: I'm sure something will inspire you :)

    Casey: I loved all the polishes! haha.. Glad you ask, I'll have to decide that you do it on your nails! I'll put that in the rules.. :)

    Emily: Yay, I'm looking forward to your entry :) And thanks a lot for the compliments!

  17. Hello, i'm Cheril, I lurrrve nail arts.. This is so great, every time i always made nail art because i inspired by something..=D.

    Btw i wanted to ask, how to submit the picture? through email or where??
    And could my inspiration's picture is taken from the web ?? Thanks..=).

  18. Hi, Cheryl! Great, I'm looking forward to see what you do then :)
    You send me a mail.. I both have it written up in the tekst and at the side under THE BLOG :) And yea, you get inspired by a pic from the web, as long as you include your source together with the pic!

  19. Nail Art Contest?! YEY!! 1st time i see it on a blog. usually its giveaway. and just like you i never win. hahaha im glad i came across your blog! im definitely entering !!

  20. i just thought of a great idea for this!! :)
    i'll be doing it tomorrow hopefully!

  21. just entered! this contest was super fun :)

  22. Yay for your entries :) Thanks ladies!


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