Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lonely flower with the blues..

I wanted to try a bit of layering with some of my blues.. Rimmel My Denim, Gosh Blue Monday, China Glaze Blue Sparrow and Orly Royal Navy..

And I tried to paint a flower from my Tokidoki toilet bag.. But I didn't like how it turned out..

Two coats of My Denim on indez and ring finger, middle finger is the same and with two coats of Blue monday on top.. Ring finger is two coats of Blue Sparrow, one coat of Royal Navy and another coat of Blue Sparrow..

It bummed me out a bit that the glitter-combinations looked that similar.. But IRL there was more purple glimmer visible than on the pics..

The flower with its much happier (and prettier) cousin..

And the polishes..:

I took it off right after taking pics.. I just wasn't feeling it at all.. Maybe because I had just filed my nails and didn't like the shape I did? I tried to fix it afterwards, so now my nails are very short and I need them to grow out a bit, so I can shape them all they way I like it.. :/


  1. I like it... I really love the blues!

  2. Rigtig fint! Synes det er sådan en god idé at bruge den toilettaske som inspiration! Det er virkelige nogle søde figurer der er på! ;-)

  3. Den toilettaske er nemlig fuld af inspiration! Jeg kommre til at rbuge den meget :) hehe


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