Monday, May 16, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award x 2 plus another Liebster Award

Yay, I recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award from The Nail Buff :D I'm so happy.. me? creative? huh!
/Edit\I've recieved the blog from McDiaz714 from Nail Made Simple too! Yay :) /EndOfEdit\

Getting that award made me wonder if it was a dane who started it.. 'Kreativ' is creative in danish.. I know a lot of english speaking people like to switch a c with a k to make it different, but taking away an e? That doesn't seem like something an english speaking person would do. Or am I totally wrong?

Nonetheless (which is probably not in one word?).. Thanks a lot!

Allright.. rules.. I have to pass on the award to ten bloggers and then write ten facts about myself.. ooh.. are you sure you even wanna know something about me? Well, if not you better stop reading.. I'm going to do what the award tell me to..

First.. The ten blogs :) Show some looove
  1. Olivia from Varnish Me (And she's the one who tagged me in the Liebster Award, that I've already done :))
  2. Emily from Emily's Nail Files
  3. Jette Fromm from Vetten's Blog
  4. All of you! Seriously, almost everybody has gotten this one.. And it takes too much time for me to go through all of the blogs I follow to find one I think haven't got it.. So consider yourself tagged, and if you do, leave a link, so I can stalk your 10 facts about yourself :p

And then.. me..
  1. Nail art is the most feminine hobby/thing about me.. I don't wear make up.. I looove loose, comfortable clothes.. and I can't remember when I weared heels last time.. It's just so much easier not to care if you look pretty.. hmm, wonder why I'm single....?

  2. I bruise crazy easily.. You won't even believe it! I once got bruised by wearing socks (creepy, right?).. I even have myself some permanent bruises that Ive had since... I was about 10 years old I think.. or younger.. o_O

  3. I try not to care about the bruises, even though it's not always that easy.. But since I love tatoos and I've got two so far, I've decided to look at the bruises as 'natural, free tatoos'.. Then I can live with them.. haha :)

  4. It's only a couple of days ago I decided to embrace the bi-product of loving nail art.. all the polishes! I've wanted to keep my stash at a minimum all the time, but now I've de whcided it's okay to 10 different blue polishes (and I know that's not even a lot, some part of me just thinks it illogical :p)

  5. When I first get started I ramble a lot.. can you feel it? hah

  6. I love getting new knowledge.. I've always imagined my self to be a life-time student.. I can't imagine myself in a job :p but luckilyn I've found an education where the job I'm going to do is kind of like studying. Go Anthropology! haha

  7. I have the best family ever.. Period

  8. I've been dancing bellydance for many years but with big breaks in between.. It's a couple of years since I danced last time.. But hopefully I'll take it up again before too long..

  9. I hate telling about myself if a person says 'tell me about yourself'. Wtf am I going to say then? Haha.. This award is allright, I think it's fun.. But if you meet someone for the first time, then it's the worst question ever..

  10. I would like to offend people more.. Just for fun, to se their reaction.. But I'm a chicken.. Hah
Phew.. I think this was a tough one!


  1. LOL...I love it! And yes, you are very creative in your polishes and blog. I love following your new creations...thank-you!

  2. Aaaww, thanks! I'm blushing! haha.. :)

  3. I think you picked the best feminine hobby! It just wouldn't be as awesome if you weren't blogging about your girly hobby (:

  4. Congrats Sofie! You definitely deserve it!

  5. Thank you and you're welcome! ;D Congrats once again!!

  6. Dee: Right, I think it's the best feminine hobby too! haha.. And blogging about it is just so fun and makes me feel less like a dork :p

    PBS: Thanks a lot :)

    Olivia: Haha.. And you're welcome too :p

  7. bruising from wearing socks?! wow thats crazy! hahaha i myself love tattoos... pics soon :D?!

  8. Yup.. It's crazy yeah.. haha.. Maybe I'll post some pics of 'em.. but.. ehm.. right now I have a huge bruise next to one of them :p So it wouldn't make a good pic.. hah

  9. thanks so much for the award!!!! i love tattoos, too much of a wimp to get one though! :D

  10. You're welcome :) You def deserve it! hah.. Well, it's one thing loving tattoos on others and getting one yourself.. ;)


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