Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just playing a bit..

Just a quick, kind of boring nail art.. I wanted to try out some of my untrieds..

I picked up H&M French Kiss and Gosh Mystery Night and thought they looked similar.. I picked one of the LA Colors i got from Casey to go with them..

The H&M and Gosh polish looks a lot more similar on the nail than in the bottle

It's Gosh Mystery Night on my index and H&M French Kiss on the.. ehm.. other finger with darik-ish polish on.. You can see that there is a difference, but in the bottle Mystery Night looks more purple in the shimmer..

Maybe I'll have to decide which one I like the best and put the other one in the prize pile! :) [Go here if you haven't read about my nail art contest yet!!]

So this is how my playing around ended out.. I actually wanted to wait until next day to add something, but I knew I probably wouldn't have time.. So this is what I had time to come up with in the evening..

And the polishes, with a finger with the respective base color on each..

Isn't that LA Color just wonderful? It must be a duochrome or something (forgive me my lack of proper lingo)


  1. I just gave you an award on my blog, cause you deserve it :D

  2. hahaha, that LA color is my all time fav!! Im glad you like them!!

  3. Olivia: Yay, thanks! So sweet of you :)

    Def Addicted: I'm glad you do :)

    Holiday: It is sooo lovely. I just tried ti layer it over black! ooh a whole new look! haha


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