Thursday, May 12, 2011

Falling Fruits..

Hey all! Hope you're doing well! I'm crazy tired, we have a lot to do at uni here at the end of the semester..

So.. Tuesday I got a new phone.. a smartphone! I never thought I would go there, but now I have one.. One of the first things I found for it was a 'live wallpaper' with falling fruits! :D I'm a big frut fan and having that background makes me crave all kinds of fruit.. haha..

Well I thought it would do as a good inspiration for nail art, and now that I have a contest going with the theme 'inspiration' I thought that I could just as well give you an example of what I mean with that theme.. [Don't know what I'm talking about? Go HERE to read about my nail art contest!]

Here's a pic of my phone with the falling fruits..

I started out with the base yesterday.. I didn't have the time to do the whole design in one day.. I wanted to tone down the background a bit, so the fruits wouldn't blend to much in..

I kind of felt I was wearing a nude mani.. Very toned down for me.. haha..

Well, today I got to the fruit-part..

I don't know if you can see what I've tried to do.. It didn't turn out just the way I wanted it..
I think it's because it doesn't pop out enough.. it's almost boring..

But I like it better in these photos that IRL.. I'm quite satisfied with the watermelon and the grapes (mainly because I dig that kind of color right now!)

And a pic with the wallpaper and my nails together..

That was NOT an easy pic to get.. It's a touch phone.. and clumsy me touching the screen all the time, making the background dissapear.. tsk tsk..

I must admit I only did the fruits on one hand.. I was just too tired to do the other too..

No pic of the polishes used, I mixed a lot 'n stuff.. If you wanna know what polish a particular color is, just leave a comment :)

I'm going to drop dead at my dead real soon! see ya :)


  1. awww, the strawberry is so cute!! and watermelon is my fav.

  2. Fey: Thanks :)

    Holiday: Yay, you could se what I was trying to do! :p haha..


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