Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragon's Breath gone bad..

Saturday I put on BB Couture Dragon's Breath.. It's just amazing! I love it! Must be my fave polish now.. haha..

I didn't take a pic because I was in a hurry.. And sunday I had to much tipwear.. So I wanted to spice it up a bit..

And I don't like it at all.. :(

It looks a bit better in the pics than IRL..

baah.. If I have the time I need to do me a new mani today..

The polishes (bad pic - taken in the evening and with flash)

Oh and a quick pic of Orly Green With Envy with Royal Navy, Mint Apple and Gems.. Just tried them out before removing it..

And something exciting (IMO) is going to happen soon...!


  1. Jeg tror de negle vil klæde din mor!!

  2. Haha, love the title of your post...I'm just imagining a dragon breathing out stench! haha.

  3. I love, love, love that navy color ♥ ... I don't think your dragon's breath mani looks bad at all. It looks fun :)

  4. The dragon's breath mani reminds me of Batik fabric...kind of funky and beautiful at the same time! But I do know the feeling of hating a mani you just did LOL

  5. Det tænkte jeg faktisk også, mor! Hvis jeg skal ordne dine negle igen ved jeg hvilke farver jeg skal tage med mig :)

    VV: Haha, thanks! That was my intention..

    Def Addicted: Royal Navy is amazing! I'll have to use it for a 'real' mani soon, so you can see it in all it's glory! I'm glad you like the mani, even though I don't :)

    Gottwinkies: Well, thanks :) Yeah, sometimes it jsut doesn't end up how you imagined..


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