Saturday, May 14, 2011

Colorful, cartoon-ish nails AKA Tokidoki!

This nail design is inspired by a toilet bag, that I just bought.. I've seen it a couple of times and really admired all the characters on it.. Last time I took pics of it with the intention of doing nail art inspired by it.. But I decided to buy it.. I'm not sure I'm ever going to use it as a toilet bag, but it is a rich source of inspiration :)

Cute right? It's really environmental/recycle-ish.. I wonder if there is a cartoon or series of product with these characters on it.. Anyone of you know? Have you seen them before somewhere?
/Edit\ I now know these are called Tokidoki! yay.. /Endofedit\

For some reason still unkown to me I took step-by-step photos.. So you get a tutorial :) I don't know if you can use, but now it's here :)

First a pic of the finished nails (the day after, so a bit of tipwear)

The pics are taken in the evening under artificial light, so my hands are a bit lobster-ish and scary.. just so you're warned.. And I have a lot of stray hairs here and there..
First, three different greens :) Mmmm, greeeeeen..

I don't really know what I'm going to say, so I'm jsut going to let the pics talk..

And then topcoat :)

If you have any queations about any of the steps, just ask :)

And here's the nails together with each of the inspiration sources:

I looove these nails :) So colorful and happy :D I'm looking forward to do some more nail art inspired by the toilet bag :)

The polishes I used:
See that polish with OH MY GOSH on it? New Gosh polishes, that I'm going to tell you a tiny bit about in next post :) This post is already loong enough.

[Speaking of inspiration.. Don't forget my Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired!]

Hope you're having a great weekend :)


  1. Virkelig fedt og kreativt :-) Kæmpe ros her fra....

  2. I adore this mani, it's so cute and bright! You rock.

  3. Er SÅ spændt på at se de nye gosh lakker i næste uge :) Er der mange fede farver?

    Negledesignet er rigtig flot! Du er virkelig sikker i din outline-streg :) Og ja, som SIL siger, så er det Toki Doki (eller en kopi af selvsamme, men det er jo underordnet). Det er i hvert fald rigtig sødt! :)

  4. Mange tak, Camilla :)

    CucumPear: Haha I rock? cool.. And thanks a lot :)

    Holiday: Oh, so it's tokidoki! Great, I learn every day :)

    Jette: Jeg synes der er ret mange fede ja :)De er ikke vildt unikke eller noget, men det gør ikke mig noget :)
    Og mange tak! Jeg har brugt en nail art pen til at outline med - hvis jeg havde brugt en pensel ville det have været en hel anden sag.. hehe..

  5. wauw Tjofie! Hvor er de seje! Du er virkelig dygtig!!!

  6. Taak Frede! Jeg blir helt forfjamsket.. heh

  7. That is so cute, you're very talented! My hand could never stay that steady!

  8. TrixDemon: Aaw, thanks a lot :) Apparently I've learned to keep my hands steady,I usually shake like an addict or something :p


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