Friday, May 27, 2011

Another attempt.. avoiding procrastinating.. I did this tuesday night.. So the last one.. didn't really help..

Scary-looking hands ahead (Taken at night in awful light). and a disaster of a mani.

It started out okay.. I used some untried polsihes as base, and then began with the glitter..

I like that..

Then next layer of glitter..

Still like it..


ARGH! I should have stopped before that layer..

But lookie!:
Bling bling..

Then I added crackle and topcoat

Seche Vite seriously pulled the glitter and crackle FAR away from my tips! I had only wrapped my tips with the base color, but still!? You can see it a lot on my index finger..

So I hated this mani from that point on.. But I did only remove it yesterday, so it lasted for two days! But for now I'm just leaving my nails alone (until I can't resist painting them again :p)

Allright, I probably don't make any sense, I'm kind of trying to fokus on my exam.. And it's not going very well so far :/ But I still have a week to write this paper, so if I find out what I'm going to write soon I'll hopefully have enough time..!

I'm out..


  1. Wow, it sure did pull it away! I really like the base color combination!

  2. Haha......i have done the same thing! Things can go crazy fast with nail polish! The crackle tried to save it though

  3. Def Addicted: Yeah isn't it crazy? Thanks I liked it a lot too :)

    Gottwinkies: Haha yeah you can easily go from beautyful to 'way-too-much'.. haha..

  4. arrrgh yeah seche vite has an annoying habit of doing that!!! i loooove how much the glitter sparkles!! good idea to put some crackle on! btw im all set for your inspired nai art comp! im emailing my pics soon, its FIERCE!


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