Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't forget to Get Inspired!

I know I haven't really updated this last week, but this exam is taking up pretty much all of my time! But it ends on friday..

And another thing that ends soon, is my Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired!

It ends saturday! So get inspired and send me your nail art :D

And here's the prizes again! I've added more polishes, but haven't gotten around to take a new pic..

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another attempt.. avoiding procrastinating.. I did this tuesday night.. So the last one.. didn't really help..

Scary-looking hands ahead (Taken at night in awful light). and a disaster of a mani.

It started out okay.. I used some untried polsihes as base, and then began with the glitter..

I like that..

Then next layer of glitter..

Still like it..


ARGH! I should have stopped before that layer..

But lookie!:
Bling bling..

Then I added crackle and topcoat

Seche Vite seriously pulled the glitter and crackle FAR away from my tips! I had only wrapped my tips with the base color, but still!? You can see it a lot on my index finger..

So I hated this mani from that point on.. But I did only remove it yesterday, so it lasted for two days! But for now I'm just leaving my nails alone (until I can't resist painting them again :p)

Allright, I probably don't make any sense, I'm kind of trying to fokus on my exam.. And it's not going very well so far :/ But I still have a week to write this paper, so if I find out what I'm going to write soon I'll hopefully have enough time..!

I'm out..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying to avoid procrastinating...

Emily posted a mani today which had the most brilliant function: Be a PITA to remove, to avoid her being tempted to redo her nails, while she's studying for the exam.. Isn't that just brilliant?

So because I had a 12-day exam starting today (5 hours ago, haven't begun yet :p) I thought I would need such a mani.. Plus I recieved two polish-packages today, so I decided to try out a few, to get that itch away.. haha

I was already wearing Essence Cut off the Beige and H&M Ocean Sand.

For my glitter (so that I won't be tempted to remove it) I used Color Club Sultry (an untried) CG FYI (ooh yeah, got it from a blogsale :)) and a new awesome crackle Kristina send me (just like that, not even in a swap - isn't that soo sweet?)

These pics doesn't do any of the polishes justice.. I just snapped some quick pics.. and it isn't supposed to be pretty or anything, just to keep me away from playing around with my new polishes or any polishes at all.. Just at least for the next 12 hours or so.. haha

So now I have polish and blogging out of my mind and I should be ready to concentrate on my exam! :p hopefully.. haha

And now that I have your attention then don't forget to get inspired and enter my nail art contest! I'm hoping to have enough entries so that I can give away 2 or 3 prizes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"....og det er Muuumiiiiiiii..." = Moomin nails

My brother and his girlfriend has this obsession with Moomin (mumitroldene!).. I remember we saw it a lot when we were kids, but can't remember much.. They have now accumulated all the Moomin dvds, seen them and then we planned that we should do a Moomie Marathon one day, so I could see them too.. And that day is today!

So even though the weather is nice we are staying inside wathcing Moomin/mumitroldene! Yay.. haha.. kind of fun to watch again..

Anyway.. yesterday I decided to do Moomin nails to match! I'm not quite satisfied about how they turned out, because I used another method than I use to when doing such kind of nail art..
And the pics aren't that great because I took them last night..

Thumb-pinky (I only know the names in Danish): Mumrik, Mumi, Sniff, Snorkfrøkenen and Lille My (and not as in 'my' in english)

Mumrik is my fave!

Here's the dvd I used for inspiration

And the nails again..

All the dvds we are planning on seeing today - I wonder if we make it! haha

And my nails 'in action' with Mumi and Mumrik:

I have to do more Moomin nails.. I need to do Hattifnatterne.. And the Moomin house.. and the pink clouds.. and so on.. hehe

Do you know Moomin? Have you seen it when you were a kid? Do you know what the characters are called in English?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


haarhaarhaha! Allright.. bad humour.. stolen directly from Holiday (Silence is Loud - This post).. BS is for black and silver.. which is the colors I used in this mani..

Just somethign I did quick yesterday.. needed something dark-ish for my new shorter nails..

So today was last day of the semester.. Monday we're commencing our 12-day exam, so this weekend I'm going to relax my butt off.. So maybe I'll get to do some descent nail art! :)

Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lonely flower with the blues..

I wanted to try a bit of layering with some of my blues.. Rimmel My Denim, Gosh Blue Monday, China Glaze Blue Sparrow and Orly Royal Navy..

And I tried to paint a flower from my Tokidoki toilet bag.. But I didn't like how it turned out..

Two coats of My Denim on indez and ring finger, middle finger is the same and with two coats of Blue monday on top.. Ring finger is two coats of Blue Sparrow, one coat of Royal Navy and another coat of Blue Sparrow..

It bummed me out a bit that the glitter-combinations looked that similar.. But IRL there was more purple glimmer visible than on the pics..

The flower with its much happier (and prettier) cousin..

And the polishes..:

I took it off right after taking pics.. I just wasn't feeling it at all.. Maybe because I had just filed my nails and didn't like the shape I did? I tried to fix it afterwards, so now my nails are very short and I need them to grow out a bit, so I can shape them all they way I like it.. :/

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award x 2 plus another Liebster Award

Yay, I recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award from The Nail Buff :D I'm so happy.. me? creative? huh!
/Edit\I've recieved the blog from McDiaz714 from Nail Made Simple too! Yay :) /EndOfEdit\

Getting that award made me wonder if it was a dane who started it.. 'Kreativ' is creative in danish.. I know a lot of english speaking people like to switch a c with a k to make it different, but taking away an e? That doesn't seem like something an english speaking person would do. Or am I totally wrong?

Nonetheless (which is probably not in one word?).. Thanks a lot!

Allright.. rules.. I have to pass on the award to ten bloggers and then write ten facts about myself.. ooh.. are you sure you even wanna know something about me? Well, if not you better stop reading.. I'm going to do what the award tell me to..

First.. The ten blogs :) Show some looove
  1. Olivia from Varnish Me (And she's the one who tagged me in the Liebster Award, that I've already done :))
  2. Emily from Emily's Nail Files
  3. Jette Fromm from Vetten's Blog
  4. All of you! Seriously, almost everybody has gotten this one.. And it takes too much time for me to go through all of the blogs I follow to find one I think haven't got it.. So consider yourself tagged, and if you do, leave a link, so I can stalk your 10 facts about yourself :p

And then.. me..
  1. Nail art is the most feminine hobby/thing about me.. I don't wear make up.. I looove loose, comfortable clothes.. and I can't remember when I weared heels last time.. It's just so much easier not to care if you look pretty.. hmm, wonder why I'm single....?

  2. I bruise crazy easily.. You won't even believe it! I once got bruised by wearing socks (creepy, right?).. I even have myself some permanent bruises that Ive had since... I was about 10 years old I think.. or younger.. o_O

  3. I try not to care about the bruises, even though it's not always that easy.. But since I love tatoos and I've got two so far, I've decided to look at the bruises as 'natural, free tatoos'.. Then I can live with them.. haha :)

  4. It's only a couple of days ago I decided to embrace the bi-product of loving nail art.. all the polishes! I've wanted to keep my stash at a minimum all the time, but now I've de whcided it's okay to 10 different blue polishes (and I know that's not even a lot, some part of me just thinks it illogical :p)

  5. When I first get started I ramble a lot.. can you feel it? hah

  6. I love getting new knowledge.. I've always imagined my self to be a life-time student.. I can't imagine myself in a job :p but luckilyn I've found an education where the job I'm going to do is kind of like studying. Go Anthropology! haha

  7. I have the best family ever.. Period

  8. I've been dancing bellydance for many years but with big breaks in between.. It's a couple of years since I danced last time.. But hopefully I'll take it up again before too long..

  9. I hate telling about myself if a person says 'tell me about yourself'. Wtf am I going to say then? Haha.. This award is allright, I think it's fun.. But if you meet someone for the first time, then it's the worst question ever..

  10. I would like to offend people more.. Just for fun, to se their reaction.. But I'm a chicken.. Hah
Phew.. I think this was a tough one!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail polish news: OH MY GOSH and a W.I.C holo

Good sunday all! I hope your sunday has been better than mine! I've had a crazy hangover (woups) and am just about feeling a bit better now! phew.. But I had a fun night last night :)

As I said in my last post I wanted to show you something new from Gosh! A couple of days ago they released some mini sized bottles! They are 5 ml, so they're not that small IMO.. And they retail for 30 kr /$5.69 / EUR 4.02.. That's an allright price here in Denmark..

(Til jer danskere - jeg har indtil videre set dem i Matas! Ved ikke om de kommer frem andre steder, hvor de har Gosh.. Jeg ved min Føtex i hvert fald ikke har dem endnu)

Here's a pic I snapped in the store.. The camera in my new phone is actually quite good, but I felt really sneaky when I took pics, so I just did it quickly..

I've only bought one of them - the green one I used yesterday.. Lovely formula and all.. :)

And in the same store I found a holo! Looked quite cool with a lot of linear holo effect.. It doesn't show up that much in the pic..

It's Herome's W.I.C line.. It's 75 kr / $14.24 / EUR10.06,, Pretty expensive IMO opinion but still a lot cheaper than Essie and OPI.. I almost bought it, but I remembered I am expecting a similar looking holo from a blogsale..

I guess it's called Kingston 73.. or without the 73 I don't know..

Allright, that was nail polish news alla Swååfie-style, that is not very 'pro' with bad pics and no real info! yay for that.. haha

Have any of you tried the W.I.C polishes? I'm quite tempted to give them a go, even though they are way out of my price range..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Colorful, cartoon-ish nails AKA Tokidoki!

This nail design is inspired by a toilet bag, that I just bought.. I've seen it a couple of times and really admired all the characters on it.. Last time I took pics of it with the intention of doing nail art inspired by it.. But I decided to buy it.. I'm not sure I'm ever going to use it as a toilet bag, but it is a rich source of inspiration :)

Cute right? It's really environmental/recycle-ish.. I wonder if there is a cartoon or series of product with these characters on it.. Anyone of you know? Have you seen them before somewhere?
/Edit\ I now know these are called Tokidoki! yay.. /Endofedit\

For some reason still unkown to me I took step-by-step photos.. So you get a tutorial :) I don't know if you can use, but now it's here :)

First a pic of the finished nails (the day after, so a bit of tipwear)

The pics are taken in the evening under artificial light, so my hands are a bit lobster-ish and scary.. just so you're warned.. And I have a lot of stray hairs here and there..
First, three different greens :) Mmmm, greeeeeen..

I don't really know what I'm going to say, so I'm jsut going to let the pics talk..

And then topcoat :)

If you have any queations about any of the steps, just ask :)

And here's the nails together with each of the inspiration sources:

I looove these nails :) So colorful and happy :D I'm looking forward to do some more nail art inspired by the toilet bag :)

The polishes I used:
See that polish with OH MY GOSH on it? New Gosh polishes, that I'm going to tell you a tiny bit about in next post :) This post is already loong enough.

[Speaking of inspiration.. Don't forget my Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired!]

Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Falling Fruits..

Hey all! Hope you're doing well! I'm crazy tired, we have a lot to do at uni here at the end of the semester..

So.. Tuesday I got a new phone.. a smartphone! I never thought I would go there, but now I have one.. One of the first things I found for it was a 'live wallpaper' with falling fruits! :D I'm a big frut fan and having that background makes me crave all kinds of fruit.. haha..

Well I thought it would do as a good inspiration for nail art, and now that I have a contest going with the theme 'inspiration' I thought that I could just as well give you an example of what I mean with that theme.. [Don't know what I'm talking about? Go HERE to read about my nail art contest!]

Here's a pic of my phone with the falling fruits..

I started out with the base yesterday.. I didn't have the time to do the whole design in one day.. I wanted to tone down the background a bit, so the fruits wouldn't blend to much in..

I kind of felt I was wearing a nude mani.. Very toned down for me.. haha..

Well, today I got to the fruit-part..

I don't know if you can see what I've tried to do.. It didn't turn out just the way I wanted it..
I think it's because it doesn't pop out enough.. it's almost boring..

But I like it better in these photos that IRL.. I'm quite satisfied with the watermelon and the grapes (mainly because I dig that kind of color right now!)

And a pic with the wallpaper and my nails together..

That was NOT an easy pic to get.. It's a touch phone.. and clumsy me touching the screen all the time, making the background dissapear.. tsk tsk..

I must admit I only did the fruits on one hand.. I was just too tired to do the other too..

No pic of the polishes used, I mixed a lot 'n stuff.. If you wanna know what polish a particular color is, just leave a comment :)

I'm going to drop dead at my dead real soon! see ya :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just playing a bit..

Just a quick, kind of boring nail art.. I wanted to try out some of my untrieds..

I picked up H&M French Kiss and Gosh Mystery Night and thought they looked similar.. I picked one of the LA Colors i got from Casey to go with them..

The H&M and Gosh polish looks a lot more similar on the nail than in the bottle

It's Gosh Mystery Night on my index and H&M French Kiss on the.. ehm.. other finger with darik-ish polish on.. You can see that there is a difference, but in the bottle Mystery Night looks more purple in the shimmer..

Maybe I'll have to decide which one I like the best and put the other one in the prize pile! :) [Go here if you haven't read about my nail art contest yet!!]

So this is how my playing around ended out.. I actually wanted to wait until next day to add something, but I knew I probably wouldn't have time.. So this is what I had time to come up with in the evening..

And the polishes, with a finger with the respective base color on each..

Isn't that LA Color just wonderful? It must be a duochrome or something (forgive me my lack of proper lingo)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired! /Now with EDIT\

/I've got some questions about what is allowed so I've added a bit to the rules! It's the stuff written in this color\

Yay, so I wanna host a nail art contest!
Kind of because I'm a bit against giveaways (probaby just because I've never won one :p) and because I thought it could be fun seeing you guys doing some nail art

I'm going to try to explain how I intend this contest to be as good as I can.. If it doesn't make any sense, let me know and I'll try to make sense of it :p

The theme is going to be: Inspiration..
I want you to get inspired by something.. Anything..
Need inspiration to get inspired? Remeber my Hornsleth Nails, Mani of The Rings, Scrub by Flowers or most recently - My Mussel Mani..? That's what I'm talking about :)

In a contest there needs to be rules..
  • I will need a picture of what you got inspired by.. Either together with your nail art or in a seperate picture.. Entries without a pic of the inspiration will be disqualified, sorry!
  • You have to use nail polish somehow. Maybe this sounds like a weird rule, but that just means that you can use whatever you want to do your nail art.. Acrylic paint, rhinestones, feathers, stamping, whatever.. As long as there is nail polish too..
  • The nail art have to be done on your nails! (if you're wearing acrylics or such that's included as your nail :p) Not on fx a nail wheel.. :)
  • 1 entry per person :)

And now you're probably wondering how the winner is chosen..
I'll have some judges to give point to each nail art in different categories.. IF there's more than, lets say 6 entries, there's going to be a vote here on the blog to find the top 3-4-5 (depending on how many entries).

The categories the judges are using to grade the entries are:
  • How the inspiration is translated onto the nail/incorporated in the nail design
  • Creativity incl. method, materials and inspiration
  • The overall aesthetics/look

I'll present the judged to you when the contest is closed :)

Now you're probably dying to know what you can win..
It's going to be a mix of new stuff, polishes I've swatched but haven't been using and frankens I don't use.. I'll probably buy some more along the way.. And depending on how many entries I get, It'll be divided into more prizes, but of course with more polishes :)
So far (!) I've gathered this:

  • Gosh: Rainbow, Holographic, Deep Purple (swatched on one nail)
  • H&M: Juicy Peach, Sizzling Lime, Dazzling Jade, Paradies Pink, Sunset Dreams
  • H&M Hello Kitty: Pink Candy (swatched on one nail)
  • Essence TE Your Rock!: Let me in Pink (swatched on one nail), Love, Peace and Purple, Speed of Light Blue
  • BK: nr:25 (swatched on one nail)
  • La Femme: Lime Cream
  • No-name Purple (swatched on one nail)

So what you have to do is this:
  • Get inspired! Do the nail art and send me the pics (sofieki at gmail dot com). REMEMBER you have to include a pic of your inspiration!
  • Write a couple of words (or sentences) about why this inspired you, your thoughts about the translation to the nail or whatever you feel like sharing about your nail art..
  • And of course I need your name.. And your blog adress if you have one :)<

The contest is open until June 4th (as long as it's still that date somewhere in the world)
And it's of course open internationally :)

Does it make sense to you? Are you thinking of joining the contest? Or is it too much work?

Yay, I'm excited! Haha

Disclosure: All polishes are bought by me at some point.. Nothing is sponsored by any company, just my tiny wallet :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragon's Breath gone bad..

Saturday I put on BB Couture Dragon's Breath.. It's just amazing! I love it! Must be my fave polish now.. haha..

I didn't take a pic because I was in a hurry.. And sunday I had to much tipwear.. So I wanted to spice it up a bit..

And I don't like it at all.. :(

It looks a bit better in the pics than IRL..

baah.. If I have the time I need to do me a new mani today..

The polishes (bad pic - taken in the evening and with flash)

Oh and a quick pic of Orly Green With Envy with Royal Navy, Mint Apple and Gems.. Just tried them out before removing it..

And something exciting (IMO) is going to happen soon...!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, random post here.. I haven't done any new nail art, because I've been busy busy..

So first up a lovely swap :) (again - now I have even more untried polishes and nowhere near enough nails to paint on!!)

This swap was with Casey (She has no blog, hence no link.. just if you were wondering)

Sinful Colors Lets Meet, Orly Green With Envy, Color Club Sultry, China Glaze Japanese Koi (Neon), Milani Gems, Orly Royal Navy, Sinful Colors Mint Aplle, BB Couture Dragon's Breath and Napa Read Valley and Colorama Coral Reef

Aren't these amazing? (although the pics isn't color acurate) PLUS it's my very first bottles of Orly, Sinful Colors, BB Couture, Colorama and Color Club!! Insane!

I was wearing a 'skittle' of yellows and thought it was fun that I actually matched with my yellow shorts :P So I took a pic.. haha

After that I began playing with some of the different colors in my swap.. Yay! Took it of and decided to choose one of the colors to do a full mani with.. Orly Green With Envy won..

I wanted to take some pics of it to show you how awesome it is, but I couldn't capture it's color at all :( Here's a very poor try:

It's so much more green IRL! I love it.. Maybe some day I can capture the true color of it..

Besides that I got another package yesterday! I'd found a great deal on nail art brushes on a danish site (Trendsales hvis der er nogle danskere der er interesserede!) and thought I'd give it a go.. The brushes I have now are pretty ruined by all the chemicals..

15 brushes! I have no idea what to use all of them for.. But I'll probably find out :p

Allright, I'm off again.. Ihave to help a friend move.. And then I should write a paper.. But I'll see.. Hopefully I'll get time to try out my new brushes and some of my new polishes :)

Have a great weekend all of you!

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