Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey all! Hope you are having a great weekend so far! Here the sun is shining, so it's perfect weather for being outside.. And I'm heading there soon :)

Part inspired by Rachel's awesome Veggie mani and the response on my first Vegan-post I came up with this mani:

I hope you can see what it is :p I can say a lot of bad stuff about this mani, but I'm loving it so much that instead I'm just going to shut up! :)

Aand, if you can't see what it is, part of it should be clear after the next pics.. Because yesterday (the day after I made this mani) I suddenly got inspired to do some prop-pics by....

My lunch! Coincidentally I was going to eat the same veggies as was on my fingers!

I adore that pic ^^

The involved...
Mostly acrylic pain, except for the wrap bread and the background color for the other nails.. Which I franken especially for this purpose.. Looove it!

Sooo now I wanna know: What do you guys eat for lunch? That bread I eat for lunch is kind of unique to the Scandinavian countries.. I think there's something similar around, but it's really not the same.. And that bread is what I've always been eating for lunch.. So I couldn't imagine to eat something else! haha.. When I'm out travelling THIS is the first thing I want when I come back home.. and liqourice.. :p


  1. I love this - and that you actually eat the same veggies!

  2. Super mani! My lunch is usually something from the frozen meals section of the supermarket. :)

  3. ABOP: haha Thanks :)

    KarenD: Oh, that's probably a nice lunch! :)

  4. Love it!!! My lunch is normally either sushi or home-made lasagna.

  5. i think if i have the vege nail mani, i would start eating vege everyday. good job!!!

  6. Fey: Thanks! That sounds like a very fancy lunch! Yuumm!

    Holiday: Go do veggie nails then ;) haha.. If that's all it takes to eat veggies every day :p


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