Monday, April 25, 2011

Tropical Gradient'N'Glitter.. And Goats..

Yesterday I told you I would show you the mani I wore in Lalandia..

I'm not sure why, but I ended up doing i gradient mani, that's kind of tropical..

I wanted to add some of my glitters - I don't use them that much because I don't know how to use them proberly.. So after playing around a bit I ended up with this:

I really liked it :) But I still need some practice with it..

The next pic is kind of weird, but I wanted to show how diverse the flower-glitters look in sunlight.. Click to enlarge.

The polishes used (they are actually kind of my favourite polishes):
H&M misty something (yeah lazy me), Gosh Orange Drops and Sweet Peach, Catrice Don't Feed the Birds and a franken..

Aand then some pics from my trip.. Most of them (read: All of them except one pic) include goats.. There where a large area with goats, so you (probably ment to be children) could go in and pat them..

We spend a great deal of time there.. They were SO cute! Like really cute.. But I'm a sucker for animals, especially if they are pat-able, have hair, are small and do fun stuff.. haha..

And they where funny, at least me and my family thought :p

One apparently liked my mani..:

And two kids had something weird going on.. Bumping their heads together..
And they did that again and again.. I made a video of it. cute.. hah

Here's a small one too, eating a flower my youngest brother gave it.. The white-ish aprts is just me trying to block out a random girl from this pic, so you can see the goat better..


And another small one (they had the softest hair).. My two brothers patting it..
Before and after this pic was taken me and one of my sister-in-laws were patting it at the same time too.. A lof of interest in one tiny goat :p

And this is the sorroundings of where we lived :)
Water, grass, fields.. aaahh.. A very nice place to relax!

Allright that was a lot of spamming.. Hope you survived!

Have a great day :)


  1. your mani is so cutee!! and the goats are so cutee!

  2. I love the gradient!! & I love it even more when you added the glitter! & AWWWWWWWWWWW those goats are sooooo cute! My dad's friend had a little goat when I was younger and I always use to feed it crackers lol. & he was about the same size as that little black goat<3

  3. i love this! im definitely want to try this! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Lovely! That picture where the goat is on top of a rock ... rocks!

  5. they are cool looking, how exactly did you do your gradient? have you got a tutorial up?

    shel xx

  6. Carissakuo: Thaanks :) And yes, those goats are really really cute :D

    Prettyfulz: I'm glad you like the mani :) Aaw, lucky you! haha.. Pet goats are so underrated! haha

    Trisha: Thanks :) Let me know when you try it, I would love to see your take on it :D

    Rina: Haha.. rocks.. :p I love that pic too!

    Shel: Thanks a lot! I first sponged with a make up sponge.. But then I just ended up using the brush in the respective polishes.. I don't have a tutorial, I think a lot of people does it in a better way than me! haha.. But maybe I'll try to do one :)

  7. This is really cute - I like it a lot!!

  8. Thanks, Dee :) I do too! hah


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