Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Triangles on a stick..

Allright, I've been a bit MIA lately.. I've just been sooo tired and haven't really felt like blogging.. or even reading the blogs I follow :O.. And I have only done half-hearted manis.. But maybe that'll change soon :)

So here's one of my half-harted manis..

I actually liked this a lot.. It was prettier IRL,

I started with a straight line and painted triangles originating from that line. But it's not always easy to see that..

The involved:

Tomorrow I'm going to a kind of waterpark with my family and we are staying there for a couple of days :) It's going to be fantastic! Don't know if I'll be updating or doing my nails while I'm there, but I'll see :)

Hope you all have a great easter :)


  1. Love the colors together! I hope you get your rest and have a lot of fun. Happy Easter!


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