Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Vegan Month - Wekk 2½ + Q&A

Hey all! Hope you are enjoying the last day of the weekend :)

I finally got around to do this post.. haha. I'm writing this with a hangover from a party where I had to bring my own food because of this bet :p But that's all fun :)

Last week I got some questions about the food.. I'll try and answer as satisfying as possible, but I can only speak from my very humble experience..

Where do you get vegan bread, that isn't dry and flaky?
I don't eat a lot of white bread, so I don't have much experience. But usually wraps, pita bread and ciabatta is vegan, but of course it depends on the brand.
While doing this bet I don't eat bread, that I don't know the ingredients off.
But as far as I have seen on vegan forums you can make a lot of different yummy vegan breads, I just haven't tried so far :)

Is it hard to come up with vegan recipes? And is it difficult to find vegan ingredients?
I rarely use recipes when I cook. I just put in what I feel like mixing together. And what I've found out with this bet so far, is that I did cook pretty vegan before this bet..
And concerning if it's difficult to find vegan ingredients, it's more about leaving out ingredients that aren't vegan, aka everything that's from an animal.. But if you need milk, you can replace it with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or something like that and you can get margarine that's vegan stuff like that.. Here in Denmark you can get some of that stuff in supermarkets or go to a health store or something like that.. :)

Wanna share the recipe for the wrap?
I didn't follow a recipe or anything, just slapped some in there.. But I'll break it up in the different parts :)

Marinated Chick Peas:
I use dried chick peas, so I put them in water for at least 12 hours before I can eat them. I think it's possible to buy them in a can, then they're ready to eat from the can.

I marinated mine with soem oil, tomato purée, different spices and fresh herbs.. You can choose what ever you like :)

This is my own version of a salsa recipe. I cut out tomato, red capsicum, onion, pineapple (from can) in very tiny pieces. I mix it up with a bit of olive oil, pineapple juice (from the canned pineapples) and chili.
It's very water-y unlike salsa normal is, but I'm too lazy to tryand make it more jelly like,

The rest:
I usually spread avocade, hummus, tomato paste or something on the bread before I fill it up with misc veggies and all that :)

I hope that was a satisfactory answer to the questions, and that I make myself understandable! haha.. :)

I haven't cook a lot this past week, but I have been eating :) So here's some random pics of random food during the last week..

Wraps, like usually, but with falafel :)

It's the third time I've made falafel (but the first since I went vegan) and I'm trying to perfect the taste and get the right texture.. I'm happy with the taste and almost the texture!

Rugbrød grilled in the oven with tomatos, I added some avocado afterwards and ate it as a sandwhich,. Mmm..

And rugbrød again, with avocado, tomato and cucumber

Not as exciting food as last week, but I've been very very tired.. And I'm tired now too, so I'll stop now!

Hope you can use some of this :)


  1. That salsa recipe sounds really good! Is it more on the sweet side or spicy side? I might try it if it's sweet!

  2. That was really interesting to read about. I'm pretty much on a vegetarian diet now, and have no problem with it all especially now that there are amazing soy/quorn substitutes that are both tasty and gives you great nourishment.

  3. Amy: It depends on how you make it ;) But the juice from the pineapple makes it sweet :) And then you just have to be aware when you put in chili, so it won't get too spicy ;)

    Olivia: I'm glad you find it interesting! It's true, it's not that difficult!


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