Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Vegan Month - Week 1

So since I haven't had that much time to do nails the last week, I thought I'd show you what I've been spending all (well not all, but a lot of) my time doing - Cooking..

If you didn't read it, I'll write it again.. I'm in a bet regarding if I can eat vegan for a month.. It's a bet I've done with a vegan so she's not going to do something, but.. If I do it, she'll pay for a night out! And if I don't, I'll pay.. So a lot is on stake :) haha

I like this bet, because it forces me to think of new ways to cook and new ingredients to include in my meals. And I don't eat a low of meat anyway.. The most difficult part? - Milk!

I eat (well, ate) milk on my oatmeal every morning! So I replaced that with water, until I could find some ricemilk.. After 5 days of eating it with water, I did find some ricemilk.. And I hated it! It's sooo.. sweet?.. So far, I've been thinning it with water, but when I empty it, I'll just go back to water.. That's cheaper anyway.. haha..

The reason why I spend so much time cooking now, isn't because it's more difficult to cook vegan.. It's more that normally I'm lazy and just eat rugbrød or eat what my brother and his girlfriend makes.. which is not vegan.. So now I actually have to make every meal myself! haha.. But that's okay, I'd planned to stop being so lazy at some point anyway..

Enough with the rambling, on to the meals..

Salad with couscous with spices, different veggies, pineapple and salsa-ish.. Ciabatta breds with either tomato, beanpaste with tomato and chili (the red stuff), Bean- and mushroom paste with herbs (the gross looking stuff) and hummus. Home-made (except tehe bread)

Tortilla wrap with different veggies, pineapple, avocado, marinated chick peas and more salsa-ish. Everything home-made except the wrap..


Wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce with green beans, kidney beans, carrots, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and ehm.. I think that's it.. And with ciabatta bread :) Again, I didn't make the bread, but mixed it all together

Congratulations if you made is this far! :p.. I know this isn't what I usually post, but I like cooking and it's kinda the reason why I don't have more manis to show you..

And my nails are naked again :O Now you know why..


  1. where did you find vegan bread? It looks really good, but all the vegan bread I've seen looks dry and flaky.

  2. I love meat, and I don't think I could EVER go on a vegetarian diet, let alone a vegan one. But these dishes look yummy! Is it hard to come up with vegan recipes? Or is finding vegan ingredients more difficult?

  3. That wrap looks good and I'm far from a vegan. Care to share the recipe?

  4. Wow, I didn't expect to get any feedback on this post!
    I'll try to answer you questions shortly, and the I'll probably do a post on it :)

    Periwinkle: I just bought it in a supermarket! A lot of bread is actually vegan! At least here in DK, I don't know about where you life.. But I'll look more into it ;)

    Amy: Haha, I understand that.. Meat is just so expensive here, that I can't afford it anyway! haha..
    I don't think it's hard to come up with something vegan.. So far, I do as I usually do: Buy the vegtables that I can get the cheapest and then figure out if I feel like eating pasta or bread or whatever..
    I don't think finding vegan ingredients are difficult, because it's not really about finding new ingredients, but leave those out that isn't vegan.. Often you don't need them!

    Kris: You can always spice it up with meat :) hah.. Well I'll try.. I just mixed some stuff together.. But I'll do a post!


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