Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Vegan Month - 4 days from the goal!

Yup, I only need to eat vegan for 4 days and then I've completed the challenge! I'm looking forward to sunday, and I'm kind of planning all the stuff I wanna eat. haha! So apparently it didn't really make me wanna convert into veganism..

I don't know why I still makes these post? But apparently I like showing you what I eat :p Maybe because I'm proud that I've made so much food lately..

Well.. food.. pics..

Potatoes with falafel and onions, courgette and mushroom fried together..

Potatoes with some tomato/chili sauce and veggies..

My poor version of a vegan rugbrød-pizza and vegan springrolls (Yay!)

Pasta with some green curry, coconut milk and veggies..

I'm really missing to be able to eat what I want when I want.. It's not so much the ingredients I can't eat that bothers me, but that I can't just grab something to eat when I'm out somewhere wether it's in the city or at other peoples house, because I don't know what's in it..

Buuut, it's soon over, and I'll probably do a 'My Vegan Month - What I've learned and what I appreciate more now' kind of post..


  1. Wow, I admire your dedication!

  2. I agree with Lenae, that's pretty amazing of you! So does your friend have to pay for dinner in a few days? Better make it a good meal!

  3. That food looks really good! At least you gave it a try. That's very admirable.

  4. Thanks you ladies! I can't pass up a bet.. haha.. I get determined when there's something at stake.. :)

    Amy, My friend is paying for a night out, with beer, drinks, wine or whatever I want, that is :) The way we celebrate things here in Denmark.. drinking.. haha! I'll handle the eating myself, because if I was eating with her, it would be vegan! hah.. But maybe we'll do that anyway..


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