Monday, April 4, 2011

Mani of the rings..

Hey all! Hope you've had a great start of the week.. Mine has been rough I think.. Probably because of a busy weekend.

Yesterday I made a mani that I had planned before I began and that I ended up liking! yay! Seems like that's a long time ago..

My base before I began with the artsy..

And the end result:

And now you're thinking: "Why do a mani like that?".. Well, I'll show ya.. It's inspired by two rings of mine (hence the title)

So here's the mani with the rings:

And again...

aaaand again...

The involved:
H&M Pink Mist, Gosh Vanilla Ice, No-name glitter, the black W'nW, acrylic paint and a silver Hello Kitty polish by H&M

First I didn't know what to think about this mani.. But now I liiike it :)

I hope you can see that all the black is matte and the rest is shiny.. First I wanted the red and silver part to be matte too, but that was kind of dull..


  1. Could you do a blog post on where you buy your nail polishes, nail art, tools and so on?, that would be awesome :D

    - Great blog!

  2. Thanks a lot, Nola :)

    Anne: I can try, but I have to warn you, it is nothing fancy! haha.. So don't get your expectations too high :p Thanks for the kind words :)

  3. Wow very abstract and cool =)

  4. I like it too it's very artistic good job

  5. How imaginative! Love how it looks with the rings :)

  6. Thanks a lot, ladies :) I'm glad you like it, I am kinda proud of it myself! haha

    Your comments make my day!

  7. awesome!!! you should wear both rings together, i really really like this mani!

  8. Aaaww, thaaanks :) yeah I really should.. I'm happy you like it :)

  9. Thanks, I'm kind of fond of it myself :)


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