Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essence LE You Rock! in a store near me??! HELL YEAH!

It's true! I was in my local supermarket to buy some groceries today, as a break from trying to write a paper.. And when I walked through the beauty segment, I spotted some kind of display on the counter and I saw that there was polishes!

I went over there and realised it was Essence polish! I've never seen those in Denmark before! I always buy Essence when I'm in Holland, because I looove Essence..
I saw that it was some kind of LE (I'm not updated on new collections, it would break my heart to see all those newly released polishes that I couldn't afford)..

I asked one working there how much they cost.. 12 kroner!!! ($2.4 or EUR1.6) That's nothing!! I was sooo excited.. He told this was all they would get, so even though I had decided to buy only Cut Off The Beige and maaybe Love, Peace And Purple I took one of each (there's only room for five of each color in that display)

I thought it must be an old LE, that they for some weird reason got, but when I got home and googled it, I was amazed to find out it's the LE who is available from TOMORROW! WTF? I never thought this would happen! haha :p

Now I'm just curious to see if they ever get Essence polishes again! :)

I was so excited I had to take a small break from my paper (even though I'm waaay behind) to swatch them..

So I bring to you very poorly swatched Essence LE You Rock! I was very shaky - probably because of caffein and because I was so excited - and I did it in a hurry.. So a couple of bubbles and no clean up.. Bear with me.. I'm sure you'll get prober swatches on another blog..

Brown/purple-ish: Love, Peace And Purple. Pale blue-ish: Speed Of Light Blue. Mint green: Kings Of Mints. Pink-ish: Let Me In Pink. Beige-ish with gold shimmer: Cut Off The Beige.

All of them is three coats, even though not all of them needed it.. All of them dried VERY fast! And for all of them applies that they are a tad darker on the nail than in the bottle.. You can click on the pics to enlarge..

I'm not going to say much, because I'm not used to swatching and don't know all the color-lingo and so on.. :p

Love, Peace And Purple. I like it better in the bottle, but it's still a very nice shade :)

Cut Off The Beige. I LOVE this one!! I'm going to keep it..

Let Me In Pink. No shimmer in this one, so that must be a creme.. Not my favourite kind of color, but nice anyway :)

Kings Of Mints. It's more green in real life!

Speed Of Light Blue. This one has a lovely shimmer in blue, purple, pink, teal and I see some red too! It's not as visible on the nail as in the bottle, but it's there :)

Allright, that was A LOT of rambling.. It's just so weird all of a sudden seeing a new polish brand and of all places in my supermarket! haha..

I'm def going to keep Cut Off The Beige and Love, Peace And Purple.. The rest I'm not so sure.. But if I decide not to keep them, it can benefit all of you guys instead.. soon.. *notch notch, wink wink, know what I mean?*

Oh and as you can see, because I have such short nails I often end up painting the part of my finger just below the nail, when I get to the tip of the nail.. Am I the only one with short nail who does this? Or am I just too careless when painting my nails?


  1. Hvilken butik købte du dem i? :)

  2. I Føtex på Frederiksberg :) Ved ikke om alle Føtex'er har dem, men mon ikke? Held og lykke i hvert fald!

  3. they have really pretty colors!!! especially Love Peace And Purple is gorgeous!

  4. Pretty colors. I'm glad you were able to find them for a good price! That's always exciting :)

  5. Holiday: They really do! Yeah I like that one and is def going to keep it :)

    Def Addicted: Yeah, it's always exciting! So exciting that I bought colors that I actually don't want! haha :)

  6. OMG! I'm even excited for you!!! I so hope that they bring Essence polishes to Sweden, so cheap and pretty! :D *throws confetti*

  7. Haha I'm so glad you understand it! :p If we're going to get it here, you are def going to get it in Sweden too! :D yay!


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