Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blues...

Allright, I don't really like this mani, but it's with an awesome franken, so I thought I would show you anyway..

The franken is the darker blue of the two..

What I used for the franken:
Gosh Snow which is the most awesome polish to franken with when using powders! It's a sheer white, so it makes the powder stand out and it has suspension in it! I've only used this one for frankening and you can see that it's almost empty..
Then I used Gosh effect Powder in Cyan.. I need more of these, they are awesome! Did you see the nice shimmer in the pics of the mani? - Enlargen if you want to!

The involved in the not-so-nice-mani:
H&M U Must Have This, the franken and my soon-too-damaged-brush

I'm completely dead, so no more talking.. I hope I get my act together to make a Week 2 of my vegan month...


  1. dejlige farver smukke!!

  2. Your dark blue franken is so shimmering! I've never been able to get that kind of shimmer in my franken! :(


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