Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hey all!

About a month ago I entered a nail art contest at Negle Nymfer.. The theme was ' Baby on its way' because one of the bloggers, Sussi, was pregnant and soon to give birth :)

Well, I was one of the three lucky winners, and I got my prize today :)

China Glaze Code Orange and Verano

I loove them! This pic is not color accurate, it was difficult to capture.. But you'll se it in action at some point :)

Se here was my entry:

The involved:

I don't think I have much more to say? It's a long time ago I made this! haha..

My nails are still naked, but I have a design planned.. And thanks for all the response on my vegan post! I'll do a post where I answer your questions.. maybe soon.. :)

See ya!


  1. I really love the dotted tips! Makes me want to get dotting tools, haha

  2. Colleen, you don't need a dotting tool! I don't have one! For this I just used the back of a brush ;)

  3. Hehehe that baby design is simply adorable, good work! :D

  4. så søde så søde :)


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