Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essence LE You Rock! in a store near me??! HELL YEAH!

It's true! I was in my local supermarket to buy some groceries today, as a break from trying to write a paper.. And when I walked through the beauty segment, I spotted some kind of display on the counter and I saw that there was polishes!

I went over there and realised it was Essence polish! I've never seen those in Denmark before! I always buy Essence when I'm in Holland, because I looove Essence..
I saw that it was some kind of LE (I'm not updated on new collections, it would break my heart to see all those newly released polishes that I couldn't afford)..

I asked one working there how much they cost.. 12 kroner!!! ($2.4 or EUR1.6) That's nothing!! I was sooo excited.. He told this was all they would get, so even though I had decided to buy only Cut Off The Beige and maaybe Love, Peace And Purple I took one of each (there's only room for five of each color in that display)

I thought it must be an old LE, that they for some weird reason got, but when I got home and googled it, I was amazed to find out it's the LE who is available from TOMORROW! WTF? I never thought this would happen! haha :p

Now I'm just curious to see if they ever get Essence polishes again! :)

I was so excited I had to take a small break from my paper (even though I'm waaay behind) to swatch them..

So I bring to you very poorly swatched Essence LE You Rock! I was very shaky - probably because of caffein and because I was so excited - and I did it in a hurry.. So a couple of bubbles and no clean up.. Bear with me.. I'm sure you'll get prober swatches on another blog..

Brown/purple-ish: Love, Peace And Purple. Pale blue-ish: Speed Of Light Blue. Mint green: Kings Of Mints. Pink-ish: Let Me In Pink. Beige-ish with gold shimmer: Cut Off The Beige.

All of them is three coats, even though not all of them needed it.. All of them dried VERY fast! And for all of them applies that they are a tad darker on the nail than in the bottle.. You can click on the pics to enlarge..

I'm not going to say much, because I'm not used to swatching and don't know all the color-lingo and so on.. :p

Love, Peace And Purple. I like it better in the bottle, but it's still a very nice shade :)

Cut Off The Beige. I LOVE this one!! I'm going to keep it..

Let Me In Pink. No shimmer in this one, so that must be a creme.. Not my favourite kind of color, but nice anyway :)

Kings Of Mints. It's more green in real life!

Speed Of Light Blue. This one has a lovely shimmer in blue, purple, pink, teal and I see some red too! It's not as visible on the nail as in the bottle, but it's there :)

Allright, that was A LOT of rambling.. It's just so weird all of a sudden seeing a new polish brand and of all places in my supermarket! haha..

I'm def going to keep Cut Off The Beige and Love, Peace And Purple.. The rest I'm not so sure.. But if I decide not to keep them, it can benefit all of you guys instead.. soon.. *notch notch, wink wink, know what I mean?*

Oh and as you can see, because I have such short nails I often end up painting the part of my finger just below the nail, when I get to the tip of the nail.. Am I the only one with short nail who does this? Or am I just too careless when painting my nails?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Yay, I recieved a blog award :) I got it from Julie over at Prettyfulz - Lovely blog btw!.. Thaaanks :D

Aand, there's some rules:

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers (thats me! hah). If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you (done) and nominate 3 more blogs.

So the blogs I wanna nominate are:

For Love and Polish

I am Definitely Addicted

Dees Polish Endeavours

So check out these wonderful blogs :D Now!.. 'Cause there's nothing more from me at this moment..

I might get around to notify these ladies, but maybe they are reading this? :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue Common Mussel

Here's the mani I'm sporting right now and that I absolutely adore!

It probably looks weird without knowing where my inspiration came from..

Soo, this is my inspiration:
Picture taken at the beach - in case the didn't make it the way home..

It's some blue common mussels my oldest brother handed to me when we were at the beach, and said I should do a design inspired by those..

And so I did :) It was fun! I didn't have colors to much though, but I think it's okay I didn't come too close.. I wasn't satisfied with the mani when I finished it either, but I came to love it after a while and even more by the minutes :)

love, love, love :)

I don't have a shot of the polishes I used, because I did a lot of mixing.. But if you wanna know something about a certain polish or mix, just ask!

So, what's your verdict? Does it look like the mussels?
I love to get inspiration like this!

Tak Erik! - Hvad synes du om dem? Hvordan havde du regnet med det ville være?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Vegan Month - 4 days from the goal!

Yup, I only need to eat vegan for 4 days and then I've completed the challenge! I'm looking forward to sunday, and I'm kind of planning all the stuff I wanna eat. haha! So apparently it didn't really make me wanna convert into veganism..

I don't know why I still makes these post? But apparently I like showing you what I eat :p Maybe because I'm proud that I've made so much food lately..

Well.. food.. pics..

Potatoes with falafel and onions, courgette and mushroom fried together..

Potatoes with some tomato/chili sauce and veggies..

My poor version of a vegan rugbrød-pizza and vegan springrolls (Yay!)

Pasta with some green curry, coconut milk and veggies..

I'm really missing to be able to eat what I want when I want.. It's not so much the ingredients I can't eat that bothers me, but that I can't just grab something to eat when I'm out somewhere wether it's in the city or at other peoples house, because I don't know what's in it..

Buuut, it's soon over, and I'll probably do a 'My Vegan Month - What I've learned and what I appreciate more now' kind of post..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tropical Gradient'N'Glitter.. And Goats..

Yesterday I told you I would show you the mani I wore in Lalandia..

I'm not sure why, but I ended up doing i gradient mani, that's kind of tropical..

I wanted to add some of my glitters - I don't use them that much because I don't know how to use them proberly.. So after playing around a bit I ended up with this:

I really liked it :) But I still need some practice with it..

The next pic is kind of weird, but I wanted to show how diverse the flower-glitters look in sunlight.. Click to enlarge.

The polishes used (they are actually kind of my favourite polishes):
H&M misty something (yeah lazy me), Gosh Orange Drops and Sweet Peach, Catrice Don't Feed the Birds and a franken..

Aand then some pics from my trip.. Most of them (read: All of them except one pic) include goats.. There where a large area with goats, so you (probably ment to be children) could go in and pat them..

We spend a great deal of time there.. They were SO cute! Like really cute.. But I'm a sucker for animals, especially if they are pat-able, have hair, are small and do fun stuff.. haha..

And they where funny, at least me and my family thought :p

One apparently liked my mani..:

And two kids had something weird going on.. Bumping their heads together..
And they did that again and again.. I made a video of it. cute.. hah

Here's a small one too, eating a flower my youngest brother gave it.. The white-ish aprts is just me trying to block out a random girl from this pic, so you can see the goat better..


And another small one (they had the softest hair).. My two brothers patting it..
Before and after this pic was taken me and one of my sister-in-laws were patting it at the same time too.. A lof of interest in one tiny goat :p

And this is the sorroundings of where we lived :)
Water, grass, fields.. aaahh.. A very nice place to relax!

Allright that was a lot of spamming.. Hope you survived!

Have a great day :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppedi hop!

I'm back from my trip to Lalandia (waterpark-thingy with summerhouses you can rent for a couple of days).. I'm extremely tired again though :p But I'll go to bed real early tonight and then hopefully I'm all energetic again :)

This mani is a week old or so.. I wanted to do a mani with the polish I frankened for my Veggie Nails [POST] so you could se a swatch of it..

And what I used for that franken (Most of it is Gosh Snow that I rambled a bit about when I posted a franken done with Gosh effect powder [POST]):

I wanted a mani with some fresh colors, so, ehm, I just did this:

Just random blobs.. And ended up doing stripes on one nail so it weren't all the same..

Not very fancy or anything, but considering how tired I was, it is amazing that I even put on polish instead of having naked nails :o

And the stuff involved:

So my next post will be with the mani I wore when I was in Lalandia.. And probably a pic or two from the mini vacation :)

I hope you all had a great easter! I'm def. going to enjoy having the day off tomoroow!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Triangles on a stick..

Allright, I've been a bit MIA lately.. I've just been sooo tired and haven't really felt like blogging.. or even reading the blogs I follow :O.. And I have only done half-hearted manis.. But maybe that'll change soon :)

So here's one of my half-harted manis..

I actually liked this a lot.. It was prettier IRL,

I started with a straight line and painted triangles originating from that line. But it's not always easy to see that..

The involved:

Tomorrow I'm going to a kind of waterpark with my family and we are staying there for a couple of days :) It's going to be fantastic! Don't know if I'll be updating or doing my nails while I'm there, but I'll see :)

Hope you all have a great easter :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Vegan Month - Wekk 2½ + Q&A

Hey all! Hope you are enjoying the last day of the weekend :)

I finally got around to do this post.. haha. I'm writing this with a hangover from a party where I had to bring my own food because of this bet :p But that's all fun :)

Last week I got some questions about the food.. I'll try and answer as satisfying as possible, but I can only speak from my very humble experience..

Where do you get vegan bread, that isn't dry and flaky?
I don't eat a lot of white bread, so I don't have much experience. But usually wraps, pita bread and ciabatta is vegan, but of course it depends on the brand.
While doing this bet I don't eat bread, that I don't know the ingredients off.
But as far as I have seen on vegan forums you can make a lot of different yummy vegan breads, I just haven't tried so far :)

Is it hard to come up with vegan recipes? And is it difficult to find vegan ingredients?
I rarely use recipes when I cook. I just put in what I feel like mixing together. And what I've found out with this bet so far, is that I did cook pretty vegan before this bet..
And concerning if it's difficult to find vegan ingredients, it's more about leaving out ingredients that aren't vegan, aka everything that's from an animal.. But if you need milk, you can replace it with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or something like that and you can get margarine that's vegan stuff like that.. Here in Denmark you can get some of that stuff in supermarkets or go to a health store or something like that.. :)

Wanna share the recipe for the wrap?
I didn't follow a recipe or anything, just slapped some in there.. But I'll break it up in the different parts :)

Marinated Chick Peas:
I use dried chick peas, so I put them in water for at least 12 hours before I can eat them. I think it's possible to buy them in a can, then they're ready to eat from the can.

I marinated mine with soem oil, tomato purée, different spices and fresh herbs.. You can choose what ever you like :)

This is my own version of a salsa recipe. I cut out tomato, red capsicum, onion, pineapple (from can) in very tiny pieces. I mix it up with a bit of olive oil, pineapple juice (from the canned pineapples) and chili.
It's very water-y unlike salsa normal is, but I'm too lazy to tryand make it more jelly like,

The rest:
I usually spread avocade, hummus, tomato paste or something on the bread before I fill it up with misc veggies and all that :)

I hope that was a satisfactory answer to the questions, and that I make myself understandable! haha.. :)

I haven't cook a lot this past week, but I have been eating :) So here's some random pics of random food during the last week..

Wraps, like usually, but with falafel :)

It's the third time I've made falafel (but the first since I went vegan) and I'm trying to perfect the taste and get the right texture.. I'm happy with the taste and almost the texture!

Rugbrød grilled in the oven with tomatos, I added some avocado afterwards and ate it as a sandwhich,. Mmm..

And rugbrød again, with avocado, tomato and cucumber

Not as exciting food as last week, but I've been very very tired.. And I'm tired now too, so I'll stop now!

Hope you can use some of this :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oily randomness..

Hey all!
Hope your week has been good so far! Luckily I only have 1 day left and then we have a loong holiday :D Maybe I can get my act together and do another vegan-post then.. haha

Well onto the nails.. I wanted to try out some untried polishes.. So I took Chelsea - Tropic of Cancer and OPI Glacier Bay Blues (I think those are the names, I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go look)

They do look fairly similar.. index-pinky: chelsea-opi-chelsea-opi

And inspired by CucumPear I did a random mani with some other untrieds :p

showing off the different shimmer in the polishes - even though it's not possible to show it all, they are SO gorg..

And the has-been-untrieds:

I'm too tired to say anything, so I'll just stop for now..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blues...

Allright, I don't really like this mani, but it's with an awesome franken, so I thought I would show you anyway..

The franken is the darker blue of the two..

What I used for the franken:
Gosh Snow which is the most awesome polish to franken with when using powders! It's a sheer white, so it makes the powder stand out and it has suspension in it! I've only used this one for frankening and you can see that it's almost empty..
Then I used Gosh effect Powder in Cyan.. I need more of these, they are awesome! Did you see the nice shimmer in the pics of the mani? - Enlargen if you want to!

The involved in the not-so-nice-mani:
H&M U Must Have This, the franken and my soon-too-damaged-brush

I'm completely dead, so no more talking.. I hope I get my act together to make a Week 2 of my vegan month...
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