Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Allright, so after swatching the colors I decided to use three of them for my next mani; Grey, Dark Purple and Blue

My hands look a bit scary on these pics, but the base color shows nice here..
Here you can see that Dark Purple has a bit more red in it, than in my pics from yesterday!

I didn't really know what kind of nail art to do.. So I just began doing something..

I some of the design.. But the parts don't really work together IMO

Here's a day light shot taken the morning after, with a bit of tip wear (yeah I can get tip wear by sleeping) and dents..

The involved:
That's it! :) Take care!


  1. The gray shade looks nice! I like! The wavy lines created movement on your nails! Lovely! :)

  2. I loove the grey (as you can probably see in my new post too :p) I'm glad you like the waves :)


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