Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tribute to my H&M greys :)

In my swatch post yesterday I briefly mentioned that there would be a few more pics of the grey polish..

The reason is... When I first picked up those Spring Nails set, I thought the grey would be one of my other H&M greys.. But I was wrong.. But I realised how much I looove the greys I have from H&M..

SO I just wanted to compare them.. I know they are nowhere close to each other, but they are so different.. And they are all 'the same' color :)

Well here they are:

Miss Stone Heart I've used at least here, Grey I've just presented you for and Happy Grey I've used at least here and here (and praised it a lot)

And here it's easy to see the difference:

I think these are among my favourite polishes.. weird o_O.. But they just make up such a good base for any nail art and they are not boring.. In my opinion.. And they're all from H&M.. What a coincident..

I'm low on both Happy Grey and Miss Stone Heart :( And it's really a shame, 'cause Happy Grey is a LE..

I wanna know: Do you have any polishes you have such an irrationel love for, as I have for my greys? :O


  1. I love my greens and purples. :) I'm having a trouble finding the perfect grey...needs to be light grey. The 3rd one was quite pretty.

  2. Uh, those are great colors too :)
    Well, I can recommend H&M! haha.. It's not always easy finding the polish that fits what you have in mind.. heh :)


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