Sunday, March 6, 2011

A tiny update from Amsterdam..

I just wanna show you the.. erm.. weird mani I had on when I left for Holland..

The pics are not the best and I played around a bit with the backgrounds, so it doesn't really look very well.. But I felt bad not posting any thing! haha..

Not color accurate..

This is a bit closer, and it's with top coat..:

And the nail art.. Looked a bit better in my head.. it's too.. unorganised.. haha

This mani was the first I used Seche Vite for.. It dries extremely fast! It's crazy! haha.. But it seemed like it made my mani chip more easily.. Or maybe it was just because I had it on for a bit longer than usual, due to me not being home..

Well, I'm home tuesday very late.. So wednesday I'll probably post about my tiny haul from here :)

See ya!


  1. how is it not organized!! i think is perfect, and i cant believe the colors actually work so well with each other!

  2. I'm glad you see some organisation in it! haha.. And yeah., the colors are wonderful together! :)

  3. That green shade looks lovely and the bottle too!

  4. Thanks I LOVE it!! And it's cheap! It's the cheapest polish I can get around here, so it's just amazing :)


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