Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello new followers :) Welcome to my humble blog!

Again I have to introduce you ladies to a mani I did when lacking inspiration.. This time I chose all the colors before beginning.. Which was practically only two..

Well I began making stripes - I have no idea why.. But when I was missing two nails I stopped, because that just couldn't be right.. I needed to do something else than that..

So I thought it would be a good thing to preach a bit apparently..

Go Recycle! End of preaching.. and that thing on my pinky.. it was supposed to be a flower.. ehm.. it kind of looks like a palm tree.. whoups..

If you noticed there was a difference in the index finger and ring finger, then "You go girl!".. The index was done with brown as the base and green making the stripes.. and vice versa..

The involved:

Not really happy with this mani.. But I should just learn that I shouldn't begin a mani before I know what I wanna do.. Like I said with my last mani.. Apparently I'm a slow learner..

On another note, yesterday I got into a bet about eating vegan for a month.. It's going to be kind of fun to experience and nice to be forced to eat in new ways :) I don't really eat meat as it is, it's the milk, egg and butter part that's going to be difficult.. So I'll probably bitch about it once in a while! haha.. You're warned!

I wanna know
: Do you tend to go into bets like this too? How do you feel about eating vegan? Do you recycle? :p Or just leave a comment with whatever you want.. :)


  1. I was gonna do this when i saw the advertisement on the bus this morning!!!!! >.< It came out nicely!
    Vegan for a month?? I dont think ill be able to survive without eggs.=3=

  2. Nice, I wanna see you doing a Recycle mani! But obviously I haven't seen that bus ad, since, well, I'm not in Canada! haha :)
    Yeah, it's going to be challenging.. but fun :)


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