Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My second swap :)

My second swap (well, only set in motion a couple of hours after my first one, but still) was with Rachel from Rachel Marie's Nails. And look at all the awesome polishes she got me!!

When I was unpacking it I was like ".. another one? wow!.. And another one?" There's so many! haha..

Again (or still?) I was like a little child at christmas! So exciting! haha.. My brother can verify that :p

Well again I took some not-very-good close up pictures of the polishes.. Even Seche Vite.. What was I thinking? haha

Wet'n'Wild Nocturnal

Wet'n'nWild Morbid

Zoya Nidhi

Zoya Gemma

Love & Beauty Light Green

China Glaze Peace On Earth

CND Solar Oil

Sally Halsen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond

Seche Vite

Cover Girl NailSlicks Mint Sorbet

Cover Girl NailSlicks Spice It Up

China Glaze Blue Sparrow (neon)

Essie Going Incognito

Awesome, right? Thanks again and again aaaand again Rachel :D

Again there was a sneak peek of my current nails.. I'll post them later, but I was so excited that I had to post my swaps and I won't over-post you guys.. is it even possible to say that? I don't know how to say it! haha.. Well three post in a day must be more than enough.. :)

See ya :)


  1. You've got some awesome polishes!

  2. nice swap! Rachel sent you some awesome polishes!~ have fun with your new pretties! :)

  3. :) I just opened up your package a bit ago. I think we were both excited!

  4. I just tried the "djunglevral" candy.. Wow how strange! At first it was so SALTY and tasted a bit like vomit LOL. but after the salty stuff wore off it was just licorice! :)

  5. Thanks you guys.. I'm very happy with it!

    Rachel: Haha.. SO fun about the Djunglevrål! Actually they are a bit 'mild' A lot of our candy like that tastes like salt and 'vomit' (as you say it) all the time.. And oh we love it :D haha

  6. Haha I think every country has that. :) I LOVE Umeboshi. It's pickled plums and it is so salty and sour but so yummy.


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