Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first swap ever!!

Haha.. I'm like a little child at christmas, jumping up and down, bein über excited!

Yesterday I received a note in the mail that I had two packages from USA waiting for me.. I was so excited and looking forward till today where I could pick them up..

And I was so thrilled to open the packages!! My first swap was with Kristina from My Lucid Bubble and here's what she send me:

Yay! Left --> Right: China Glaze Frostbite, China Glaze Rainstorm, Chelsea Tropic of Cancer, OPI Glacier Bay Blues and OPI The Show Must Go On!

I'm so excited to have some of the polsihes in my hands that I've only seen on the internet.. Allright.. I should shut up now and calm down..

I took a close up of the bottles, not all of them turned out good.. But you've proably seen them all before.. And there's a little sneak peek (spelled wrong?) of my current mani..

Thanks a million times to Kristina.. :)

I don't know which one I'll try first? Especially because a lot of other new polishes in the other package.. Argh.. Dilemma.. I'll show you the others later on..

Were you just as excited as me when you had your first swap? Or am I just a little kid when it comes to stuff like this? haha


  1. :) yay! You got some fun stuff! I was so excited to get my first swap.
    Lemme know when you get my stuff!

  2. those are some lovely colors!!!! I cant wait to swap with you, hehe. =D


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