Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Motorcycles can be used for more than just riding on...

Again some inspiration from the motorcycle fair [POST].. This time it's a finish that inspired me to do a franken like it..

Here's the bike and the finish.. It was SO hard to capture a decent pic.. You can enlarge to see it better..

I wanted the glitters, but in a black base instead of dark blue.. So I used this:

And the franken endd up like this:
I really liked it, but it was very difficult to capture too.. Maybe you want to enlarge that pic too, to see the glitter.. It was much more visible IRL..

I wanted to do nail art in the same shades as the glitter.. And something easy..
Again with the 'reverse accent nail'.. You must be tired of that by now.. hah..
I think it came out okay.. I actually liked it more and more.. But it kind of doesn't really fit in.. I dont know..

The accompliced:

I seem to use the same colors for nail art at the moment? Whoups..

Well, I'm going to Holland in a couple of hours and I'm staying there for a week, and don't know if I'll blog when I'm down there.. We'll se!

If not - Have a great weekend :)


  1. Love it! Very close to the bike and I like the checks as well!

  2. I want to look cool while driving my motorbike so I'm thinking of installing a back ride. Just in case I see a young, sexy lady, I can easily invite her to come along with me for a ride.


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