Monday, March 14, 2011

I should just have left it alone!

My base color for this mani, that is..
But first, thanks for all the great comments on my last post :) Nice to see that I didn't offend anyone and that you understand my reasoning! I'm lucky to have such great followers :D hehee

On to the polish :) I wanted to try my new Zoya Nidhi (Thanks again, Rachel!). I haven't really had a 'complex' polish before, so I actually didn't know what kind of nail art I should do with it..

I couldn't at all capture all the colors in this polish..
It flashes gold, pink, green, blue etc..

I decided that I wanted to sponge on it, with some of the colors seen in the polish..

This was actually okay.. Not really my style, but okay!

But it looks better from a distance:

It had been in my mind since I started stamping, that I should do some kind of pattern with dots on top of it..

And I don't like how it turnet out..

Again, I like it better from a distance:

But I should just have left the base color alone.. I was out when there was still daylight before I began sponging and I couldn't stop admiring my nails :) Even though it was without nail art :O

The involved:

Well, I would call this a fail, but I'm just not fan of this kind of nail art on my own nails.. Others might like it :)

Hope you're doing well :)


  1. I love the base color and end product is really fun too!

  2. Det er virkelig en flot farve :-)

  3. Thanks, VV! The basecolor is just gorg :)

    Mange tak, Camilla :)

  4. Haha, I fall into the same trap all the time- added things when I should've have left it alone. But hey, gotta keep trying, right?

  5. That is sooo true! haha :)


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