Saturday, March 26, 2011

Holo with some extra rainbow added

Allright, prepare to be spammed with pics!

After swapping polishes with people who really wanted Gosh Holographic I thought I had to try it out for myself.. I had one holo before I bought this one, but I believe that is what's called a scattered holo effect, it didn't really do much for me.. This one here must be the linear effect.. and WOW! :O

Ignore my scaring looking hands in the first couple of pics, it was at night in crappy lightning..

Look! It's not even like a polish.. It's like some of those foils you can buy and put on your nails..

It looks like Science Fiction barfed on my nails!!

Btw, you can click on the pics to enlarge if you wanted study this beauty up close..

I wanted to do nail art with the rainbow colors in this holo.. I had discovered that top coat kind of dulled the holo effect a bit, but I tried my different top coats and found the one that dulled it the least.. it was Seche Vite.. I kind of had to add topcoat after doing nail art..

Rainbows on rainbows :)


These are just cheerful!

Just what I need when I'm trying to write an assignment on a topic I missed..
I went for a walk to clear my mind and get some fresh air, and sat down in a park to write on my thesis statement.. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful sight while I was writing:

Oh, my right hand! It's a bit different pattern..

Crappy phone pics btw..

The involved:
A lot of creme polishes, Gosh Holographic and my newly made dotting tool..

Allright, spam is over..

I wonder how holographic would look with Gosh Rainbow on top?


  1. awww...I love dots! You mani is sooo cute :)

  2. :) GOSH holo is very finicky with top coat. :P I can see a holo hoar is born!

  3. Awesome! I don't find the Gosh finicky with topcoat but maybe it's just me. I love, love the dots. I'm going to have to do a dot manicure soon.

  4. Oh my gosh you are quick, ladies (haha, get the pun? okay bad sense of humour)

    Maki, thanks a lot :)

    Rachel, glad I'm not the only one with that problem.. Yeah, I'll def be more open to holos from now on! haha.. I have to try the one I got from you soon!

    Kris: Well, maybe I'm just to finicky when looking at my mani.. hah.. Dots are the best.. I'm looking forward to see a dotted mani from you :)

  5. Wow, det ser mega fedt ud :D jeg er helt betaget, super god ide osse.. :)

  6. OMG!! your nail art is soooo cute!!! Can i borrow your inspiration and photo for this mani??? please?
    I can't wait to get your goodies, hehehe.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is so blindingly beautiful :O
    Major envy, wish I had any holo polishes...but they seem to difficult to find. :(

  8. Cille, taaak :) Jeg blev også ret overrasket over det! Det er lidt vildt! haha

    Holiday: aaww, thanks! Of course you can borrow :) Look forward to this polish! It's just stunning! haha

    Olivia: Yeah, isn't it? I love it! haha.. Well can't you get Gosh over there? There's always the opportunity of swapping, if you really want this.. hah.. :)

  9. Wow that's fantastically beautiful! I love the nail art on top, so simple yet uncomplicated!

  10. Thanks, Cheryl! That polish is just amazing :)

  11. Very original and colorful! I love it...!!!

  12. Damn, another good dotted design! It looks so fun to wear!

  13. Paulina: Thanks, Rainbows are just so happy! :)

    Amy: It was really fun to wear! I even saw the holo before my eyes when I closed them! haha

  14. Lovely, love, lovely! I'm just in love with this mani :D !

  15. Wow, that is the first time I have seen anyone put nail art OVER a holo and I am LOVING it! Great artwork on All of your manis, by the way-love your blog :0)

  16. Haha.. Well, I can't leave it alone, even though it's an absolutely amazing polish.. Thanks a lot for the compliments! I get all flustered.. haha..


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