Tuesday, March 15, 2011

H&M Spring Nails

Some days ago I showed you a 'group' picture of the H&M spring nails [POST], because it annoyed me that I kept using the same polishes over and over..

So yesterday I swatched the remaining colors on a nail wheel to see which ones to use next.. I figured that I could just as well show you the swatches, so I began photographing them.. And re-photo them because I didn't catch the correct color.. and again.. and..

Well it took me a while, but it was fun :) First up, here's the pic I included a couple of days ago..

The ones I've swatched is Grey, Coral, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Brown, Blue.
The beige color I've used HERE and HERE and I figured there would be no point in swatching the white..

Here's an overall view:

First up is Light Purple and Coral.
The light purple is a tad more rosey IRL. Coral can sometimes look orange, but it is a nice coral with lovely shimmer :)

Then Brown and Dark Purple:
The brown is spot on! The dark purple has a tad more red in it IRL..

And Grey and Blue:
The grey is bit more brown-ish that on the pics.. But I'll get you some more pics of it in the next post! The blue is spot on :)

Hope you enjoyed my 'swatches'. Not very pro done or anything, but I haven't seen a lot of swatches of these, so I thought I might as well post them.. :)

I wanna know: Can you at all get your hands on H&M polishes outside Europe?


  1. Ohhhh I like these. :) I know the H&Ms in the US don't even carry polishes.

  2. Yeah, they are great right? What a shame you can't get them there! They have some decent polishes at the price..

  3. I got them too but I havent tried any of it =) They seem nice, thanks for swatches =)

  4. Zuzu, you should try them.. They are quite nice! :)


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