Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm so tired and exhausted atm, and haven't really had the energy or inspiration to do my nails.. But I came up with something decent (IMO) today..

And I really like the end result :)

It's very simple and down-on-earth.. Nothing in-you-face.. But I love the combo of colors

I think it's an odd nail art for me.. But I loove it :)

The accomplished:
Don't know why I added the brush, I didn't use it for the nail art, only for a bit of clean up.. Gosh Orange Drops, Catrice Dont Feed The Birds and H&M Beige..

I don't hope it's just my exhausted brain that finds this pretty.. My judgement probably isn't the best right now o_O

Oh, and my nails are VERY short right now.. Had some breaks while I was in Holland.. They are a bit too short for my taste, even though I like short nails.. But I kind of want to be able to scratch back when my skin itches..


  1. Reminds me of hard butterscotch candy. I love the colors too.

  2. pretty~ i love the colors! & i like your mini haul from the post before this one :P

  3. Love it, you are really good at it :)


  4. MK: Cool, I have to google an image of those to see how they look :) haha.. Thanks! I'm glad the colors aren't totally off..

    Katrina: Thanks a lot :) Yeah it was a nice haul, right :)

    Nikoline: Thanks! :)

  5. Oh pretty! It's such a summery design, makes me think of sunshine. :)

    And thanks for following and commenting on my blog. Glad you told me about the Tiger polish, at least I won't be disappointed now if it doesn't dry.

  6. Oh I think you thought that much about sunshine, that the sun came through shining! The sun is at least shining here, and that's can't be that far from you! haha..

    Well I hope your experience with Tiger polishes are better than mine :) Maybe I'll start buying them again! haha


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