Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue and Lilac Rainstorm

I'm seriously lacking inspiration atm.. You can see that in the title too.. haha.. I'll make this short, since I have a bunch of studying to do..

This base color is China Glaze Rainstorm.. It's just lovely!

It looks different in different lightning.. Sometimes lilac sometimes baby blue.. mmm..

I had worn it alone for a day or so vefore I got the time to do some nail art.. And I ended up doing something quick, because I knew I was going to take it off soon after anyway..

Soo very sloppy:

I like the idea, so one day I might do it with different colors and a bit more careful, so it would actually look good..

The involved..

Hope you're having a nice weekend :) For me it's mostly catching up on all the stuff I've missed during the first week of this semester.. Oh well.. Hope your plans are more fun :)


  1. Lovely colour, sort of reminds me of the H&M(Peppermint Fusion) polish I bought today. :)

  2. Olivia: Yeah that's true! I've seen that one :)

    Mor, ja det er lige nogle farver for dig :)

    Holiday: yeah, it's really nice, thanks :)

  3. I love every single color! great combination


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