Monday, March 28, 2011


I was lacking inspiration.. Chose some colors to go with the base color I had chosen earlier and after fiddling around I ended up with ths:

It reminds me of bamboo.. If I had known what I ended up with I would have made alternated base colors.. Oh well.. That must be a reminder to me about not beginning a mani before I know what I wanna do..

I can't really figure out if I like this or not... Well I like the art - it's easy and simple, but there's something about the colors that I sometimes love and sometimes not so much..

And a shot at artificial light from last night, right after I did this mani.. to show off some shimmer:

And the involved:
A franken, China Glaze Peace on Earth and.. ehm.. a LA Colors Color Craze polish..

What do you guys think about the color combo? And the design in it self..?


  1. I totally see it as bamboo! It is very calming...all you need now is a rock garden to go with it!

  2. Calming was a very good word! Haha.. I'll go find a rock garden..

  3. This is gorgeous, the softer greens balance the vibrant blue so well!

  4. Beautiful nails. <3 I add You to my followings.

  5. CucumPear: well thank you :) It's great with some balancing!

    Julia Natalia: Thanks a lot and welcome to my humble blog :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE this bamboo look! :)

  7. aaww, thanks :) I'm glad you do!


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