Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back from Amsterdam with a minor haul..

I'm home again! And soo tired.. Came home around midnight and of course couldn't sleep.. I had to get up early today, so I'm a bit sleep deprived.. I think I'll take a nap after posting this and then try to catch up on the studying..

So here's what I bought in Amsterdam :)

Essence color & go - Sundancer, What do U think?. Catrice Don't feed the birds (love that name!!), Caught On The Red Carpet

Some hobby rhinestones and a white tip painter - not for white tips, but I wanna use as a base for nail art, if I want the colors to shine more through.. I hope that'll work..

A basecoat and a couple of quick drying top coats.. And a 'fresh start' from essence, which cleans your nails, so they're free from all things which can fuck up a manicure.. I love that!

Two hand creams, because I'm out and everything is so expensive here at home.. And a new glass file, so I can have one with me at all times and one at home.. And a new of those 4-steps files :)

And some nail polish remover..

So I didn't buy a lot of polishes, because I thought a had a lot now with my two swaps, and I'm trying not to get to many polishes! I don't want to haul as many as possible, but I just want the colors and finishes I'm going to use :) Yeah, I'm not a real addict.. haha..

And everyhting is just so expensive here at home, so I could just aswell stock up on some of those things that I knew I would use at some point :)

Well, hoepfully I'll get some energi and time to do some nail art soon!

Take care all of you :)


  1. :) Looks like you got some great stuff!

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm pretty happy with it, even though there aren't a lot of polishes :)


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