Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello new followers :) Welcome to my humble blog!

Again I have to introduce you ladies to a mani I did when lacking inspiration.. This time I chose all the colors before beginning.. Which was practically only two..

Well I began making stripes - I have no idea why.. But when I was missing two nails I stopped, because that just couldn't be right.. I needed to do something else than that..

So I thought it would be a good thing to preach a bit apparently..

Go Recycle! End of preaching.. and that thing on my pinky.. it was supposed to be a flower.. ehm.. it kind of looks like a palm tree.. whoups..

If you noticed there was a difference in the index finger and ring finger, then "You go girl!".. The index was done with brown as the base and green making the stripes.. and vice versa..

The involved:

Not really happy with this mani.. But I should just learn that I shouldn't begin a mani before I know what I wanna do.. Like I said with my last mani.. Apparently I'm a slow learner..

On another note, yesterday I got into a bet about eating vegan for a month.. It's going to be kind of fun to experience and nice to be forced to eat in new ways :) I don't really eat meat as it is, it's the milk, egg and butter part that's going to be difficult.. So I'll probably bitch about it once in a while! haha.. You're warned!

I wanna know
: Do you tend to go into bets like this too? How do you feel about eating vegan? Do you recycle? :p Or just leave a comment with whatever you want.. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


I was lacking inspiration.. Chose some colors to go with the base color I had chosen earlier and after fiddling around I ended up with ths:

It reminds me of bamboo.. If I had known what I ended up with I would have made alternated base colors.. Oh well.. That must be a reminder to me about not beginning a mani before I know what I wanna do..

I can't really figure out if I like this or not... Well I like the art - it's easy and simple, but there's something about the colors that I sometimes love and sometimes not so much..

And a shot at artificial light from last night, right after I did this mani.. to show off some shimmer:

And the involved:
A franken, China Glaze Peace on Earth and.. ehm.. a LA Colors Color Craze polish..

What do you guys think about the color combo? And the design in it self..?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Holo with some extra rainbow added

Allright, prepare to be spammed with pics!

After swapping polishes with people who really wanted Gosh Holographic I thought I had to try it out for myself.. I had one holo before I bought this one, but I believe that is what's called a scattered holo effect, it didn't really do much for me.. This one here must be the linear effect.. and WOW! :O

Ignore my scaring looking hands in the first couple of pics, it was at night in crappy lightning..

Look! It's not even like a polish.. It's like some of those foils you can buy and put on your nails..

It looks like Science Fiction barfed on my nails!!

Btw, you can click on the pics to enlarge if you wanted study this beauty up close..

I wanted to do nail art with the rainbow colors in this holo.. I had discovered that top coat kind of dulled the holo effect a bit, but I tried my different top coats and found the one that dulled it the least.. it was Seche Vite.. I kind of had to add topcoat after doing nail art..

Rainbows on rainbows :)


These are just cheerful!

Just what I need when I'm trying to write an assignment on a topic I missed..
I went for a walk to clear my mind and get some fresh air, and sat down in a park to write on my thesis statement.. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful sight while I was writing:

Oh, my right hand! It's a bit different pattern..

Crappy phone pics btw..

The involved:
A lot of creme polishes, Gosh Holographic and my newly made dotting tool..

Allright, spam is over..

I wonder how holographic would look with Gosh Rainbow on top?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Swirly dots..

Hey all :)

I've been busy..I did this manu over several days.. First just the base colors.. Then the rhinestones.. And then the dots.. I just didn't really have the time.. That's why there is a bit more tipwear that usual on these pics..

The evening I actually finished the mani:

The next morning, so in better light, but with even more tip wear and dents..

Oh, I have a thumb too!

I think it's such an akward position of the hand, when having the thumb in the shot too.. But I thought I wanted to show that it's polished too :)

The involved:
Ask if you wanna know the names of the polishes.. I'm too lazy..

I was told that this looked like an 80ies mani.. do you guys agree with that?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Juicy flowers

So I wanted to use some polishes, that I haven't used yet.. Didn't really know what to do, so I ended up doing flowers.. Not very original, but hey.. that's just how it is.. heh..

This pic is the most color accurate of the base color.. I forgot to take a picture of it before doing the nail art..

I actually really liked it.. Not sure what did it..

The involved...

See ya!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue and Lilac Rainstorm

I'm seriously lacking inspiration atm.. You can see that in the title too.. haha.. I'll make this short, since I have a bunch of studying to do..

This base color is China Glaze Rainstorm.. It's just lovely!

It looks different in different lightning.. Sometimes lilac sometimes baby blue.. mmm..

I had worn it alone for a day or so vefore I got the time to do some nail art.. And I ended up doing something quick, because I knew I was going to take it off soon after anyway..

Soo very sloppy:

I like the idea, so one day I might do it with different colors and a bit more careful, so it would actually look good..

The involved..

Hope you're having a nice weekend :) For me it's mostly catching up on all the stuff I've missed during the first week of this semester.. Oh well.. Hope your plans are more fun :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teeny tiny O.P.I haul

The other day i dared to go into an department store.. I haven't really grasped the concept about it, probably because I'm from the countryside where we don't have stores like that and maybe because I always think it's way too expensive there, so I just avoid them.. But I wanted to check out what nail-related stuff they had there..

And they had some O.P.I and not just the polishes, the Avoplex products too! And since I wanted something for my cuticles beside my Lemony Flutter I grapped the Avoplex cuticle oil.. I've read a lot of good stuff about it..

Since they had buy-3-get-the-cheapest-for-free I wondered if I could use it in a clever way, to get something more but without paying a lot.. I've already spent way to much money this month..

Well there were some minis.. So I got two of those for only 39 DKK extra ($7, EUR5). Maybe that sounds like a lot for you guys, but here it's kind of descent..

The only problem I have is that I don't know the names of these.. I kind find it anywere.. I think it's from the Burlesque collection 'cause The Show Must Go On was there too..

Do any of you guys recognise these?

I hope you are all having a great day, and if you celebrate it, a happy St. Paddys day :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tribute to my H&M greys :)

In my swatch post yesterday I briefly mentioned that there would be a few more pics of the grey polish..

The reason is... When I first picked up those Spring Nails set, I thought the grey would be one of my other H&M greys.. But I was wrong.. But I realised how much I looove the greys I have from H&M..

SO I just wanted to compare them.. I know they are nowhere close to each other, but they are so different.. And they are all 'the same' color :)

Well here they are:

Miss Stone Heart I've used at least here, Grey I've just presented you for and Happy Grey I've used at least here and here (and praised it a lot)

And here it's easy to see the difference:

I think these are among my favourite polishes.. weird o_O.. But they just make up such a good base for any nail art and they are not boring.. In my opinion.. And they're all from H&M.. What a coincident..

I'm low on both Happy Grey and Miss Stone Heart :( And it's really a shame, 'cause Happy Grey is a LE..

I wanna know: Do you have any polishes you have such an irrationel love for, as I have for my greys? :O


Allright, so after swatching the colors I decided to use three of them for my next mani; Grey, Dark Purple and Blue

My hands look a bit scary on these pics, but the base color shows nice here..
Here you can see that Dark Purple has a bit more red in it, than in my pics from yesterday!

I didn't really know what kind of nail art to do.. So I just began doing something..

I some of the design.. But the parts don't really work together IMO

Here's a day light shot taken the morning after, with a bit of tip wear (yeah I can get tip wear by sleeping) and dents..

The involved:
That's it! :) Take care!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

H&M Spring Nails

Some days ago I showed you a 'group' picture of the H&M spring nails [POST], because it annoyed me that I kept using the same polishes over and over..

So yesterday I swatched the remaining colors on a nail wheel to see which ones to use next.. I figured that I could just as well show you the swatches, so I began photographing them.. And re-photo them because I didn't catch the correct color.. and again.. and..

Well it took me a while, but it was fun :) First up, here's the pic I included a couple of days ago..

The ones I've swatched is Grey, Coral, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Brown, Blue.
The beige color I've used HERE and HERE and I figured there would be no point in swatching the white..

Here's an overall view:

First up is Light Purple and Coral.
The light purple is a tad more rosey IRL. Coral can sometimes look orange, but it is a nice coral with lovely shimmer :)

Then Brown and Dark Purple:
The brown is spot on! The dark purple has a tad more red in it IRL..

And Grey and Blue:
The grey is bit more brown-ish that on the pics.. But I'll get you some more pics of it in the next post! The blue is spot on :)

Hope you enjoyed my 'swatches'. Not very pro done or anything, but I haven't seen a lot of swatches of these, so I thought I might as well post them.. :)

I wanna know: Can you at all get your hands on H&M polishes outside Europe?

Monday, March 14, 2011

I should just have left it alone!

My base color for this mani, that is..
But first, thanks for all the great comments on my last post :) Nice to see that I didn't offend anyone and that you understand my reasoning! I'm lucky to have such great followers :D hehee

On to the polish :) I wanted to try my new Zoya Nidhi (Thanks again, Rachel!). I haven't really had a 'complex' polish before, so I actually didn't know what kind of nail art I should do with it..

I couldn't at all capture all the colors in this polish..
It flashes gold, pink, green, blue etc..

I decided that I wanted to sponge on it, with some of the colors seen in the polish..

This was actually okay.. Not really my style, but okay!

But it looks better from a distance:

It had been in my mind since I started stamping, that I should do some kind of pattern with dots on top of it..

And I don't like how it turnet out..

Again, I like it better from a distance:

But I should just have left the base color alone.. I was out when there was still daylight before I began sponging and I couldn't stop admiring my nails :) Even though it was without nail art :O

The involved:

Well, I would call this a fail, but I'm just not fan of this kind of nail art on my own nails.. Others might like it :)

Hope you're doing well :)
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