Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oil-y random candy stribes..

Sometimes I think my titles only makes sense to me.. But I'll try to explain..

The base color for this mani is a blackened purple kind of.. But it shines a lot of other colors too, including green. I can't get a decent pic of it at all.. It's impossible to capture.. But it reminds me of oil..

In this picture it's way darker that IRL but it's possible to see some of the colors it reflects - especially if you click to enlarge.. I can't explain how it looks and the pics doesn't capture it, so I just give up..
I then masked some of it off with tape and used a purple and green polish to randomly paint where it wasn't masked of.. I like the way it 'blends' together..
It reminded me of a bon bon we have here in DK - which btw tastes AWESOME!! - Sismofytter - hence the 'candy stripes' part in the title..

Ehm yeah.. This mani was coolor IRL.. And i liked it even though it wasn't that contrasting.. Maybe because I got the taste of liqorice bon bons every time I looked at my nails? haha

As you can see (maybe) my nails are shorter now! After last mani I figured that it felt very weird for me to have 'long' nails.. It was to feminine and so not me.. So atm I have my nails as short as possible - almost.. It's much more comfortable!

I'll just stop now.. This post is way too confusing.. Hope you manage to get some of what I'm writing, I'm not sure I do :S


  1. wow this is so beautiful =)

  2. can i know which base coat did you use? Haha, the candy does look yummy, did you try eating your nails when you look at it?

  3. This is a cool mani! That candy looks yummy, too, haha :P

  4. Zuzu: Thanks a lot :)

    Silence: Base coat or base color? Base coat is a Rimmel 5-in-1 base/top coat.. If it's the base color you mean, it's La Femme Beauty - Smooth Velvet..
    Yeah I almost did! haha.. I certanly thought about it every time I saw my nails..

    Colleen: Thanks! haha.. It really IS yummy! :)


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