Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've found non-bleeding glitters!

I'm sooo behind on posting my manis! But I'm just really busy at the moment.. I'm on my very first fieldwork this week, and it's really exhausting! The last week I've actually been wearing polish without nail art :o

Some weeks ago I went to a store near my parents, a store with some different cheap stuff.. I bought some polishes (yayyy!) and some different, very cheap glitters.. I didn't expect them to be any good (the glitters).. I tried them the next day, just randomly putting them on top of my newly laid polish.. And I was pleased to see that they didn't bleed :)

When I came home I tried to do a glitter top coat with them.. And they still didn't bleed og melt or any thing :)
Yay! haha.. So next time I come near that kind of store, I'm going in there and buying all the different kind of colors and shapes that they have.. 'cause I loooove them..

Some shots with the two of the glitters in my glitter polish:

Not very nice manis this time, I just wanted to show the glitters!

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