Monday, February 28, 2011

Hornsleth nails

Friday I was with my dad at a motorcycle fair..
My dad is interested in motorcycles and have two himself, and I just think it's fun and since I got hooked on nail polish a whole new world opened up at a fair like this..
It's interesting to look at the finishes on the vehicles (I enjoy car fairs too).. It can be a lot of inspiration to frankens.. And the color combinations can be inspiration to nail art, as well as if the vehicle is airbrushed or something like that..

Friday we saw a motorcycle with a design painted by a danish artist Hornsleth.. And I immediately wanted to do a nail design inspired by it :)

And close ups..

As soon as I got home I began transferring the design to my nails:

The plain matte, white nail was just to break it up.. A kind of reverse accent nail :P

I really like the 'reverse accent nail look'.. haha..

I loooved this look.. And saturday my oldest brother held his birthday, I showed my nails to my dad and he recognised it from the bike! yeah.. haha

What I used:
If you wanna know the names on some of this, just ask.. I'm lazy..

I loove getting this kind of inspiration!


  1. This looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Thaaanks :) I think it must be my favourite design yet :o

  3. I love this! I think you perfectly captured the artwork on the bike to your nails!

  4. this is a piece of art!!! i love this inspiration and how pretty the results are!

  5. Oh thanks guys :) I'm glad you like it!! Makes me happy :)


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