Sunday, February 27, 2011


I made some frankens a couple of weeks ago..And tried them a week ago I think.. Normally I'm not showing full manis of frankens, mostly because I don't do them, but I really onjoyed this mani I did with two of my frankens..

I didn't get a good pic of the base color (a franken) because it was at night.. This was the best..
It's uch more complex IRL.. It's made of Gosh Golden Dragon if you know that one..

I made a glitter franken with glitters I bought the same place as THESE.. Some of the glitters did bleed unfortunately, but that just resulted in a very interesting base color of the glitter..

It was impossible to photograph! But the next morning I got the most color accurate pics.. But still.. Imagine it withmore green in it..

I just really liked it..

I wanna know
: Are you intrested in seeing 'swatches' of my frankens when I do that occasionally? Or is it only interesting if it's incoorporated in some nail art?


  1. I like seeing frankens! Bring them on!

  2. Good to know that at least one would like to see 'em :) I'll post my frankens in the future, if I'm swatching them!

  3. This is mermaid skin? ;) Love it!! I'm always impressed by those that can franken!

  4. It does look like mermaid skin :) Maybe I should name it that! haha.. Thanks :) You should try it! I don't always know what I do, I just poor some different polishes together :p


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