Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Franken, Flakies & French Tip

For a looong time ago, I experienced for the first time that I've bought a polish (it was actually two) I didn't like [POST].. A couple a weeks back it dawned on me, that one of the polishes (Gosh Ocean) would make a fantastic franken.. So I mixed it with black and a small amount of blue (I was out of black creme)..

And the result is here.. I'm still stunned about the color.. It's amazing.. It's green, teal, blue, everything.. well not everything, but I've tried to capture the awesomeness in these photos - but they don't do it justice!

A night in artificial light - I still don't know how to take decent pics without dayligt..

In dayligt and with slight tip wear..

I thought Glisten Up! by essence [POST] would make a good companion.. And it really did.. I couldn't quite capture the awesomeness of that either..

And later in the day I decided to add black french tips.. I did it very sloppy, but what the heck..

Aaah.. I couldn't stop looking at my nails.. I went to my parents house between the flakies and french tips and at first my mom only saw the green - and of course she doesn't look at polishes the way I do, nobody I know does that.. But then the day after she said "Hey, it looks blue now!" Yep! It does that too.. The she understood what I was blabbering about when I said I really really really liked this color..

Do I just get easily excited or is this a wonderful shade? :)


  1. I love this...especially with the flakies! And no, I love shades like this...the blue and green mixed together is my favorite combo!

  2. Oh, that's great :) I'm not alone! haha.. It is a wonderful combo :)

  3. Jeg er helt vild med den grønne farve, og især når du har lagt et lag over med glimmer - det ser vildt fedt ud! Virkelig :-)

  4. The franken is fantastic! I love the shade you made (: and the flakies.. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

  5. Camilla: Mange tak! Var osse selv lidt benovet over det.. Jeg tænkte på om du ikke kan sige til din ven Line at hun skal tage mit bilede ned fra hendes blog? - eller skrive at det er mit billede og linke tilbage her til.. Det er ikke særlig pænt bare at tage et billede! Det ville være rart :)

    Delaynee: Thanks a lot :) I was quite amazed by it too - and it was SO simple! :)


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