Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cracked pearls...

I'm glad that I can help some of you guys with the GOSH polishes :) The first swaps are already set in motion and they are going to be my first ever :)

I did this simple manicure a couple of nights ago and I've just only taken it off now! So I've worn it for 1½-2 days! That's a lot for me, at the moment..

I was inspired by a pearl necklace - can't remember if I saw it in a serie, in a picture or whatever, but I tried to make a pearl necklace on my nails..

It's a bit crooked, but I think it's nice anyway.. I didn't wanna have necklaces on all my nails, neither leave them alone, so I did a kind of funky french with 'pearls'..

It's so simple but I really liked it.. And I actually got a compliment from one of the old men where I've done fieldwork for the last week and a half.. haha..

Well today, at the same store I discovered the GOSH polishes, I stumbled upon the Depend Cracked polishes.. I've seen them before, but decided they were too expensive for me, but This time I decided to buy one.. I ended up with the purple..

And I wanted to try it right away, so I did it on top of this manicure.. So it's just slapped on and with no topcoat..

I tried doing it in different direction to see how big a different it would make.. It is kind of cool.. I wouldn't use it for whole manis, but I did another mani with it today that I'll show you tomoroow or so..

Stay happy :)


  1. is that crack nail polish matte finishing??? the pearl necklace mani is cute!! and i want to try it out.

  2. I love the accent finger. It looks like a pearl necklace :)

  3. I adore the pearl necklace mani in the top picture! It's so precious!

  4. Holiday: Yup it has a matte finish.. Interested? haha.. Go ahead and try it out :) It's easy!

    Rachel: Thanks.. That was the meaning with the mani, so that's great :)

    Colleen: Thanks a lot :)


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